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Puslinch Panorama 1

 Crieff News    Corwhin News   Aberfoyle News   Puslinch Lake Memories   Arkell News 

Puslinch Flyers Hockey Team   Puslinch Lake Farmers’ Club   The Sorby Line, A Very Fine Line

Puslinch Village Vignette  The News from Strachan’s Corners  Real Estate Listings   Morriston News

Killean News  Badenoch Farm Forum  Badenoch Women’s Institute  Ploughing Match Review

  Donald Grant Reminiscences of the Badenoch Settlement   Badenoch News   Wardrope’s Lament

Ringold of Salop Hill    Tale of a Backwoods Boy    “Milestone Moods & Memories: Poems & Songs”

Howitt Memorial Church  Lamont’s “Legacy of Puslinch Lake”  “Puslinch Lake” by John W. Gilchrist

From Badenoch to Badenoch     Alex Black: Champion Ploughman    The Wayward Township 


Puslinch Township Council Minutes of Meetings



Puslinch Panorama 2

Presbyterianism in Puslinch 1839-1899     Puslinch Community Brethren in Christ Church

      Ellis Chapel       Knox Presbyterian Church Crieff 1840-1990      Badenoch 1832-1967

Mount Carmel Zion United Church     Annals of Puslinch 1850-1950    The Story of McCormick’s Point

Knox Presbyterian Church Crieff 1875-1975        Duff’s Presbyterian Church 1837-1987

Puslinch Agricultural Society 1840-1990    Puslinch Station by Helen Broadfoot Stewart


Books for Sale – available at the Puslinch Township Municipal Office
Published in May 2014 The Irish Catholic Families of Puslinch Township: A Genealogy
Published in 2012 Our Home and Native Land   Puslinch Township Marriages, Volumes 1 & 2  
  Badenoch 1832-2007        The McPhatter Letters      Puslinch in the Papers 


For even more Puslinch history books & genuinely enthusiastic genealogical research assistance be sure to contact

 The Puslinch Historical Society.


Genealogists will also enjoy the outstanding research presented on the Ryk Brown website,

featuring the Puslinch families  Stewart,  McNaughton,  Ord,  Gillespie, and  Tait.


Puslinch Panorama 3

Glen Christie News   Jubilee Women’s Institute    Puslinch Lake Community News

Rural Route 6 News    Puslinch Lake Women’s Institute    The Letters of Matthew McPhatter

Hugh Cockburn letter    Badenoch Days of the Hanning family    “The Hills” of Puslinch

Knox Presbyterian Church Crieff 1873   Morriston News, 1st Continuance    Simon Peter recalls

Aberfoyle News, 1st Continuance        The Governance of Puslinch    In Halligan’s Pond 

Not with a whimper, but a bang     Puslinch Red Cross    At the Polls 1954     At the Polls 1960


Puslinch Panorama 4

Ellis Church by Anne Evans         History of Morriston Church        Duff’s Church Jubilee 1899

  Arkell United Church Mortgage Burning     Presbyterian Church in West Puslinch Centennial Services 1940

Newspaper Snippets  The Extraordinary Wilhelmina Gregor  Frontier Days in Puslinch Wheat famine of 1835

The fight goes bravely on    Reverend Alexander MacLean   Frederick William Stone     Mail Call 1854

   The Aberfoyle Mill Site    Court of Chancery Decision 1865  Aberfoyle Mill, by the Miller’s Daughter 

Pioneer Days in School Section 12   Cholera Scare of 1834   Wood chopping   1930’s Baseball

Crastor Scott Recollections        Flying Officer George Alexander Stewart       John Arkell letter 1831

Early Puslinch Lake recreation     Puslinch Archaeological Find—April 2003       James Hanlon’s barn        

      Arkell Schoolhouse Centennial Celebration Programme     Arkell Schoolhouse Centennial Celebration


John Gilchrist’s Early Puslinch Stories

Allan Piper    Building the Sideroad    Charlie the Tory     The Old Path    Tom and George    Jamey


Puslinch Panorama 5

Death of Mary McPhatter   History of the Brock Road   Gentleman of the Press  Morriston Village Medley

Puslinch Township in 1871 Wellington County Gazetteer   Gold Mines of Puslinch   Interesting tollgate case

Puslinch Township Beginnings   John Gilchrist’s letter to Puslinch Council  

 Early elections     Brock Road taverns

Franz Kraft-Robert Jacob 1840 land transfer agreement      Oil Fields of Badenoch     Johannes Mast Will

 Killean Recollections of James Douglas Ramsay  Donald McCaig    Rowland Wingfield, Shorthorn Pioneer

John Howitt stories  The Poetry Corner  Mills and Millers of Puslinch  Wellington County Livestock Breeders


Puslinch Panorama 6

Gunner David T. Hume    The latest Puslinch Township Statistics for...     Puslinch School Life 1850

Wilkinson and Minchin honoured   Mechanics Institute Library   Rowland Wingfield and John Quaker Howitt

King’s Sergeant John A. Wilkinson  Scotty Hall Tells of Giant Pines  Recollections of Michael Swartzenburg

Marion Owens O.B.E.     Alfred Ellis of Maple Grove Farm     Three Cheers for Mrs. Weir

  Fall Fair 1951   Brock Road School Dedication 1953     The Crieff Tornado  William & Magdalena Winer

Tallyho to Puslinch Lake               Engineer William Marriott of Puslinch Lake Railway

 Even more exploits of the extraordinary Wilhelmina Gregor



Badenoch Baseball team 1923       Badenoch Intermediate “C” Champions   Badenoch 1974 Grand Champions

Brock Road Baseball Team 1955    Crieff Baseball Team 1897    Arkell baseball champions 1908


Puslinch Panorama 7

Puslinch Lake Recollections of Frances Collins    Schaw Railway Station-House Farewell      Killean Social

Aberfoyle Athletics soccer club     Trumbull Warren of Corwhin Acres     George Lasby Shorthorn Sale

James McMillan, Reeve and Warden    Sunday School Social  New Puslinch School Opened

Johnny “Creek” MacKenzie    The Poet as a Young Man     Killean Tug-of-War team 1902

Darlings of Ireland  Puslinch Council 1898  Puslinch Fall Fair 1899   Jacob Cober sale  Puslinch Picnic 1937


Articles from the Puslinch Pioneer

Life in a Country Store  The Fixter family of Killean  Gilmour family of Puslinch  History of Aberfoyle Mill

The Road to Crieff  Crossroads Memorial Church John Little bequeaths farm  Patrick Joseph Downey

School Section 11   Bygone Days at Downey School  Puslinch Libraries in Puslinch Past  Plucky Puslinch Six

Mount Carmel Zion United Church Morriston  School Section 3  Bob Barnett’s Titan  Aberfoyle Church


Puslinch Panorama 8

Puslinch Militia 1865 German Evangelical Church picnic 1893  Killean Social II  The accomplished seamstress

Aberfoyle Amusement Club Celebration  Victoria Day Celebration 1876    Dominion Day 1895

Encomium for Jessie McFarlane Arkell   Moving Bee for Clan Donald

John A. Wilkinson, hail and farewell     Garden Parties two   Frank Kestinmaucher’s Christmas present

The Great 1910 Silver Rush            Morriston Benefit Concert 1873



Puslinch Panorama 9 featuring The Township of Puslinch Farmers Club

An evening with the Brockel family  Early curling results  F. W. Stone estate sale  The Merry Ploughboys

Aberfoyle Distillery closes  Football at Schaw 1893  Puslinch Lake Picnic 1890  Sleighing Party 1897

Model Farm students visit Cheese Factory  Puslinch Horticultural Society founded  Cheese Factory Social

Kirkland Chapel Soirée  The admirable Blair family  School results 1891  Reform meeting in Morriston 1878    




Wellington County Museum presents Puslinch history!



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