Puslinch Picnic

June 26th 1937.


A series of softball and baseball games provided the chief features of the annual Puslinch Township Picnic, held under the auspices of Puslinch Township Council at Puslinch Lake.  Badenoch defeated Morriston 13-7 in the first game, while Morriston and Crieff tied despite two extra innings played.  Badenoch batteries were Clark and Elliott; for Morriston, McLean and Telfor in the first game, and Huether and Telfor in the second game; for Crieff McMillan and Scott.  In a girls’ softball game, Badenoch, with Gilmour and Gilmour as battery, defeated Morriston with Culp and Westlake.  Between 400 and 500 were present at the picnic, which was the third annual event of its kind.  A delicious supper was served.




from the Guelph Mercury newspaper