The Morriston News

from the Hespeler Herald newspaper for September 1st 1896.


The lawn social, held last Thursday evening on Mr. Morrison’s grounds, went off very satisfactorily.  The eatables were nicely placed on tables arranged on one of the terraces, and also a couple of booths on the upper end of the lawn.  As the school children were admitted free and received a lunch and also each paid admission was allowed free lunch, it took quite a quantity of food to go round.  Notwithstanding the very cool evening, the ice cream went freely.  The grounds were illuminated by Chinese lanterns and torches.  For the benefit of the musicians, a piano and an organ were placed on the veranda.  A splendid programme of music was rendered by the following parties: The German Evangelical Church choir under the leadership of Mr. J. M. Frey, Mr. and Mrs. J. Currie of Freelton, C. J. Jelly of Schaw, Mr. and Mrs. William Callfas, Miss Gayer, Miss Lou Fahrner, and David Morlock.  Addresses were delivered by the Reverends Sauer, Robertson, and Mathers.  The proceeds netted a good sum, which has caused congratulations among the members of the Union Sunday School on the success of their first outdoor social.