Cheese Factory Social

(from the Guelph Mercury newspaper for Thursday January 3rd 1878.)


A Social in Puslinch — A social in connection with the Presbyterian Church, Hespeler, was held on Friday evening last in the curing room of Mr. Robert Little’s cheese factory, which afforded an excellent accommodation.  After all had done full justice to the good things, Mr. Thomas Cooper was called to the chair, and gave an appropriate address.  Mr. Glennie and Mr. Martin, Puslinch Lake, also gave excellent addresses, and Mr. Little wished the company the compliments of the season, and hoped that they would make themselves at home.


There was some excellent singing by Messrs. Glennie and McWhirter.  Mr. J. P. Johnston gave some excellent selections on the violin, and Mr. James Jardine on the flute, also by Mrs. Jardine, Miss Hannah Dickie, and Miss Hannah A. Little on the organ.  The evening was thus pleasantly spent in this and other innocent amusements, in which old and young took part, and all left highly pleased with the evening’s entertainment.


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