What a bright star the Puslinch Farmersí Club became in the first century of Puslinch Township!Although formed by the most progressive and affluent farmers, it was not an exclusive club, far from it.The founding members steadfastly extended a beckoning welcome to everyone in the Puslinch farming community, proclaiming a message of prosperity through sharing, sharing knowledge derived from experience and experimentation, sharing benefits of economy, obtainable by purchasing as a group, and perhaps, most importantly, sharing, through fellowship, the difficulties that could accompany an occupation, that by its seemingly constant demands, tended to isolate farmers.


The historical record of the club is substantially retained by both the minutes of the meetings of the Puslinch Farmersí Club and the newspaper accounts of its accomplishments, constituting complimentary perspectives, for the minutes provide a detailed view of the machinery of the organization while the newspapers document the public view.It is an excellent history, featuring illuminating discussions of former agricultural theory and practice, records of those who distinguished themselves in seed shows and ploughing matches, and reviews of the social event of the season, the famous annual meetings, where, amidst a grand musical and gustatory celebration, political, educational, and social luminaries made speeches, generously praising the clubís purpose and progress, and exhorting the members ever onward in their efforts to improve the lives of all farmers.




Township of Puslinch Farmers Club in the Newspapers








Township of Puslinch Farmers Club Minutes of Meetings