Historic Puslinch Railway Station to be Removed

(from the Guelph Mercury newspaper for February 17th 1966.)



The station-house at Puslinch, by the Highway 6 overpass, eight miles southeast of Guelph, is to be torn down or removed shortly.  The building has stood there since the railway itself was built more than 100 years ago.  The station, on the CPR mainline between Windsor and Toronto, has been vacant since 1961.  Puslinch township clerk, Doug Gilmour, said that it was closed because no passengers were using it and hardly any express deliveries were being made.


W. C. MacDonald, proprietor of a nearby general store and post office, said the station was called Schaw when it was originally built and not renamed Puslinch until the post office was set up.


It was called Schaw by mistake.  The original settler in the area, William Leslie, promised the Credit Valley Railway free land and free right-of-way if they promised to name the station Leslie.  The railroad got its stations mixed up and named the next stop west, Leslie, and this one, Schaw.  Leslie station, near the Puslinch Lake, was later renamed Killean.


Mr. Gilmour said that the station was staffed by an agent until 1937 and then looked after by a caretaker until 1961.



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