The Oil Excitement in Puslinch

from the Guelph Mercury newspaper for Thursday evening May 4th, 1865.


The reports we have previously heard of the existence of coal oil in this county have been somewhat vague, but we have now reliable information that there are certain indications of it on the land owned by Mr. Robert Forbes, 10th concession, Puslinch.  Mr. Levi Cossitt, of this town, and a gentleman familiar with the Pennsylvania oil regions, carefully examined the ground some two weeks ago, and so confident were they of finding oil that they at once took steps to secure the land.  Dr. Parker, Mr. Cossitt, and other gentlemen in Guelph got the necessary documents drawn out, and have now leased over one thousand acres belonging to Messrs. Forbes, Martin, McEdwards, and others owning land in the immediate locality.  They commenced to bore a test well on Tuesday, and have the fullest hope of striking oil at a very little depth below the surface.  The indications certainly would warrant that belief.  Large pieces of gummy matter, like pitch, and exactly resembling that found in the oil region of Pennsylvania, are scattered over the surface.  The land is situated in the southeast corner of Puslinch, near the Flamboro line.  In that township also, there are excellent indications of oil.  Mr. Thomas McCrae believes that it can be got on his farm, and no doubt his neighbours are of the same opinion.  The test, which just began, will soon determine, and if the precious fluid be found in paying quantities, the good people in lower Puslinch will have lively times.  We only hope that the expectations of the speculators will be fully realized.




The Puslinch Oil Region

from the Guelph Mercury newspaper for Thursday evening May 18th, 1865.


We paid a visit to the Puslinch oil region the other day, in order to see the locality and note the progress made by the company in search of oil.  The place where the test well is to be sunk is on lot 32, 10th concession, owned by Mr. Forbes, and close to lot 31, belonging to Mr. Duncan Martin.  The township council, some time ago, commenced to cutting a deep ditch through the swamp there for the purpose of draining the land on either side.  the first indications of oil were found in this ditch, and on digging a little to one side, they came upon a bed of loose rock.  The stones, when broken, are found encrusted with a black pitchy substance, which in appearance and smell is not unlike tar.  The water in the hole, when allowed to settle, is also covered with an oily scum.  What strengthens the belief that oil will be found here is the fact that farther up the swamp, a substance closely resembling tripoli has been found, of the same nature and having the same properties as that got at Enniskillen.  The indications are certainly favourable; at all events, so hopeful are the parties concerned in finding oil that they have entered into a contract with Mr. Angus Martin to bore fifty feet by hand, until they get the machinery ready for carrying on the operation by steam.   He will commence work in a day or two, as soon as he can get his drills made.  The place where the well is to be sunk is only a short distance from the school in the Badenoch settlement and an excellent road can be made into it from the concession line at very little expense.  We brought with us several specimens of the rock, and the curious in these matters may see them by calling at the office.




The Oil Excitement in Puslinch and Flamboro

from the Guelph Mercury newspaper for May 25th 1865.


The “Hamilton Times” of Friday says:  On the farm of one Mr. Forbes, in the southeast corner of Puslinch, and not far from the East Flamboro town line, a ditch was lately being dug to drain a swamp.  In this ditch, within three feet of the surface, veritable oil-gum has been found with little or no smell, but with apparently all other marks of having come from petroleum.  People from Guelph and elsewhere in the country round, have already carried off large quantities of the “stuff” to examine at home and to show to their neighbours.  This is on the north branch of “the Twelve”.  On the same stream, and lower down, and near to the sawmill of Mr. Thomas McCrae, which is in the township of east Flamboro, other indication supposed to be good, have been observed.  So much confidence is felt that oil is there, that a contract has already been made by and with responsible parties on both sides, for boring 500 feet if necessary as a test.  We have heard it stated that Mr. McCrae has been offered $20,000 for 200 acres.  All along “the Twelve” in that quarter the excitement is getting up; of the results, we will probably hear ere long.




The Oil Well in Puslinch

from the Guelph Mercury newspaper for October 19th, 1865.


It appears that work is again to begin on the oil well in the Badenoch settlement.  A company of well-known, responsible and energetic businessmen has been organized, and shares of $10.00 each, issued to the amount of $4,000.  A great number of them have already been taken up.  It is intended to sink a well 800 or 1000 feet deep, if necessary.  Some well-known persons of experience in oil matters visited the locality a few days ago and were so well satisfied with the prospect that they at once subscribed for ten shares each.  The stock books can be seen at Mr. Ryan’s office, where full information can be obtained.  Two hundred acres of the best oil lands are apportioned by the lessees, with the test well to be the exclusive property of the shareholders.  The lessees of the land reserve no claims or privileges further than the amount of stock they may take in this test well will entitle them to.  We hope to see, ere long, a busy “village of derricks” in Badenoch.  If so, it will prove to be of immense benefit to the farmers of Nassagaweya and Puslinch, as well as beneficial for the town of Guelph.




Oil Speculation

from the Guelph Mercury newspaper for November 23rd 1865.


We learn that Mr. Geo. MacKenzie Stewart, Dr. Clarke, and some other gentlemen have purchased some oil lands at Oil Springs, Enniskillen and are about to commence operations almost immediately.  Three wells have already been sunk on the property.  Messrs. Evatt, Inglis & Co. have contracted to build three engines, and they are now pushing the work on with all speed.  We are glad to hear that this firm is now doing a big business in manufacturing engines for oil wells.  They have already turned out several portable engines, which are now in operation and give the utmost satisfaction.   We hope that the demand for such engines will continue, and we also hope that Messrs. Stewart, Clarke & Co. will be repaid for their outlay of capital and enterprise.  What about the Puslinch oil well now?  We hope that the embryo stock company has not lost heart.  Go ahead gentlemen and test it fully before you give it up.



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