from the Guelph Mercury newspaper for August 15th 1957.



Miniature Railway Runs in Puslinch


W. J. Marriott, who celebrated his 65th wedding anniversary some months ago, this year, has doubled the size of his miniature railway at nearby Puslinch Lake.


The picturesque line extends 4,000 feet through the bush, and another new feature this summer is a tunnel.  The pint-sized line carries children passengers.


Mr. Marriott admits that he’s “getting on a bit now” and his son-in-law, Hugh Simpson does a lot of work as vice president of the line.  A third “railroader”, Earl Wilkins, is in charge of operations.


Engineer Marriott, at the throttle of the Puslinch Special, called attention to the aluminium track.  The line was designed and built by Mr. Marriott and Mr. Simpson.  A former member of the municipal council, he was born in Quebec.  Mrs. Marriott, who has just celebrated her 87th birthday, is a native of Des Moines, Iowa and is equally hale and hearty.