Puslinch Council

from the Galt Evening Reporter newspaper for October 4th 1898.


Pursuant to adjournment, the Council met in the council room at Aberfoyle on Monday October 3rd at 2:00 p.m.  The members were all present, the reeve in the chair.


The minutes of the last meeting were read and sustained.


Mr. John Scott of Killean appeared before the council, complaining that the cattle guards on the C.P.R. in the Gore of Puslinch are insufficient to prevent cattle crossing the road from trespassing on the road allowance, and requesting the council to advise the railway company to have the cattle guards put into a sufficient state of repair.


On motion of Messrs. Gilchrist and Hume, the reeve was authorized to serve notice on the C.P.R. Company, showing that the cattle guards at the public highways crossing in the Gore are of no use as a safeguard to the public and in case the company neglects or refuses to repair, that the reeve take any further steps under the statute as may be necessary to enforce compliance.


On motion of Messrs. McKenzie and McPherson, the following accounts were passed and ordered to be paid, namely, the account of Neil Campbell, for 60 yards of gravel, $8.00, for putting in tile drain at lot 27, in the 11th concession, $1.00, and for four days shovelling gravel, $4.50; John Arkell, for 75 yards of gravel, $8.75; McIntosh and Galbraith, for advertising, $2.50; Neil McPherson, repairing plough broken at statute labour, $8.50; Matthew Elliot, culvert on Beverly townline, $3.00; Charles Lehman, cutting weeds on hall grounds, $7.25; George Collins, posts and railings on Waterloo townline, $2.50 and for two days spreading gravel, $2.25; Norman Ramsay, 2 days spreading gravel, $4.50.


The council adjourned to meet again on Monday November 14th at 10 o’clock.


James McLean, Clerk

Aberfoyle, October 4th 1898.