Three Cheers for Mrs. Weir


The following article appeared in the Elmira Signet newspaper for September 14th 1893.  It appears that the Signet originally obtained the information from the Guelph Mercury newspaper.




An Old Lady: ----Mrs. Adam Weir Sr., of Puslinch, aged 87, recently has taken the notion of visiting her old friends in the immediate neighbourhood.  Last week, she walked three miles to have a chat with her old friend, Mrs. Alex Smith, age about 80, and spent a few days with her.  A short time ago, she visited Mrs. John Black, who is 90 years of age.  They came from the same place in Scotland, and the reminiscences they called up may be better imagined than described, when Mrs. Weir came home hoarse.  The three old ladies are in good health and in possession of all their faculties. -----Mercury