Marion Owens, O.B.E.


(from the Guelph Daily Mercury newspaper for Wednesday October 5th, 1960.)



The Wellington County Historical Society has ar­ranged for an interesting evening later this month, when the members will show their collections of coloured an­tique glass and Mrs. Marion Owens will comment on them.



Mrs. Owens has an interesting and varied background and is well qualified to speak to the group.  The Avenue Shop in Toronto near Bloor Street was owned by Mrs. Owens and was a popular antique shop to people across Canada and as far away as California.  The shop was dismantled to make way for a large new building.  At that time, Mr. and Mrs. Owens moved to the Guelph area at Sarasota Farm where they sold antiques.  They are now converting the Mill at Aberfoyle into a combined dining room, swimming park and antique centre.


Mrs. Owens came to Canada in 1947 from England, where during the Battle of Britain, she was one of ten women to win the Order of the British Empire, O.B.E., for bravery.  She was the driver for the London fire chief during the raids over that city and received the award for closing the fire door during a raid of the Woolwich arsenal, one of the largest ammunition dumps in Eng­land.


Mrs. Owens comes from an artistic family, her grand­father, a noted sculptor, designed the cenotaph at White Hall.


The society is also presenting a musical program and refreshments.



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