Morriston Woman Wins Quilt Prize

(From the Guelph Mercury newspaper for Friday September 6th 1940.)


Mrs. L. D. Gregor Given First Place for Exquisite Work


Mrs. Lewis D. Gregor, of R. R. # 3 Guelph, whose home is just near Morriston, and is famed for its beauty of gladioli and perennial beds, has been awarded first prize for her quilt at the exhibition.  It is said that her quilt was among those that especially attracted the interest of Her Royal Highness, Princess Alice, on her visit with the Governor-General, the Earl of Athlone, to the Exhibition, and of Her Royal Highness, Princess Juliana.  Both princesses lingered long in the women’s building, which is attracting huge crowds, and showed a marked interest in the quilts that are displayed there.


Mrs. Gregor’s quilt is an all-white one, finely stitched in a very intricate pattern.  “One can hear the crowd admiring it,” one observer has said and in describing the quilt said it was the most beautifully stitched and the most exquisitely patterned that she had ever seen.  “It is a work of art.”


A telephone call to Morriston elicited the information that Mrs. Gregor’s home is filled with any number of beautiful quilts and mats which she made herself.  For years, she has taken first place in the Puslinch fair, where she shows regularly, and as regularly carries off the highest awards.


Mrs. Gregor is almost as well known for the success with which she grows gladioli and for the beautiful perennial borders that surround both house and garden, as she is for her fine quilt work.


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