Ploughing Match Roundup




A brief review of some of the Puslinch Township ploughing matches is presented here for those who may have been too busy to get out to them all.





Ploughing Match

August 5th 1847.


We have been requested to state that Mr. John Foster, of Puslinch, has kindly offered the ground required by the Wellington District Agricultural Society on which to hold the annual ploughing match.  The land is situated within one mile and a quarter of the town of Guelph, and is without stone or stump.


from the Guelph Advertiser newspaper





Puslinch Plains Ploughing Match

October 25th 1849.


This most interesting and important object of agricultural skill took place on Thursday, the 18th instant, in a field, the property of Mr. Thomas Carter, when thirteen teams started with great spirit and energy, everyone trying to complete his work in the best manner.  The judges were Mr. F. Beatey, Mr. J. Oakes, and Mr. A. McCrea.  Their awards were as follows: —



1st prize —

John Hewer

2nd prize —

Simeon Eaket

3rd prize —

Henry Wakefield

4th prize —

Peter Bell


Boys under eighteen years of age:

1st prize —

Daniel Iles

2nd Prize —

John Wakefield

3rd prize —

Henry Iles

4th prize —

Robert Hume


In the evening, about thirty persons sat down to an excellent dinner, provided by Mr. James Terry.  Mr. James Hewer presided and Mr. John Caulfield occupied the vice-chair.  After the cloth was drawn, the chairman gave, in succession, the usual loyal toasts, which were severally drank with all the honours.  Mr. Haines then rose to propose a toast, complimenting the parties on the satisfactory manner in which they had performed their arduous duties, and gave the judges, drank with three times three, responded to by Mr. Oakes.  Mr. Caulfield gave the Army and the Navy.  Numerous other toasts were proposed and cheerfully drank, and several excellent songs were sung.  The party broke up at a very late hour, each one being highly gratified with the evening’s enjoyment.



from the Guelph Advertiser newspaper





Ploughing Match in Puslinch

October 22nd 1850.


Lat week we intimated that a Ploughing Match would be held on the 24th instant, on Farnham Plains.  In consequence of the Guelph Township Match being named for the same day, the Farnham competition has been postponed to Monday, the 28th instant, when it will be held on the farm of Mr. John Oulton.


from the Guelph Advertiser newspaper





Ploughing Match in Puslinch

September 25th 1851.


A Ploughing Match will take place in this township, shortly after the township show, when the following premiums will be awarded by the Agricultural Society, in addition to individual subscriptions.  First premium for men — £1 5s, second — £1, third — 15s, fourth — 10s, and 5th — 5s.  Boys — under 18 years of age — the same premiums as for men.  The competitors must be members of the Society, their servants or sons.


Any person having a field suitable for the purpose is requested to intimate to the committee, Messrs. J. Hewer, D. McGregor, M. Elliot, and S. Taylor.





Ploughing Match

October 16th 1851.


The Puslinch Ploughing Match will take place in a field on the farm of Mr. Thomas Arkell, Lot 6, 9th Concession of Puslinch, on Monday, the 20th instant.  Competitors are to meet at half past nine and commence work at ten o’ clock.  Prizes — 25s, 20s, 15s, 10s,and 5s.  No person to compete unless a member of the Society, or a son or servant of one.


from the Guelph Advertiser newspaper





Puslinch Ploughing Match

October 28th 1852.


The Puslinch Ploughing Match came off on the farm of Mr. Henry H. Haines, on Monday, the 18th instant.  The day was propitious and a large number of the farmers of the township were on the ground, and evidently took considerable interest in the proceedings of the day.  The judges who officiated on the occasion were Mr. Parkinson of Eramosa, Mr. Shaw of New Hope, and Mr. Ord of Puslinch.  Some forty or fifty of the farmers of the township sat down to an excellent dinner provided by Mr. Terry, and the evening passed off pleasantly.


The following is a list of the premiums awarded and the names of the successful competitors:



1st prize — Henry Wright — 25 shillings

2nd — Daniel Iles — 20s

3rd — John Wakefield — 15s

4th — Thomas Waters — 10s

5th — Joseph Kerby — 5s

6th — Thomas Rydall — 3s 9d

7th — Joseph Terry — 2s 6d



1st — Peter McGregor — 25s

2nd — Robert Thompson — 20s

3rd — James Caulfield — 15s

4th — John Petty — 10s

5th — Zachariah Terry — 5s

6th — Hugh Cockburn — 3s 9d


The work was superior to anything done in this township previously and the number of premiums induced a large competition, 18 ploughs being entered.


from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Ploughing Matches 1853


The Puslinch match took place on Friday last on the farm of Mr. Arkell when the following were successful competitors:



1st — Joseph Kirby, in the employment of Mr. Stone

2nd — Thomas Waters, in the employment of D. Stirton

3rd — John Wakefield, in the employment of Thomas Arkell

4th — Henry Iles, son of John Iles




1st — Alex Gow, in the employment of D. Stirton

2nd — W. Dory, in the employment of H. Haines

3rd — Peter Arkell, son of T. Arkell

4th — Robert Thompson, son of W. Thompson

5th — J. King, son of L. King




from the Guelph Advertiser newspaper

Thursday November 10th 1853.






Puslinch Ploughing Match 1854


The annual ploughing match of the Puslinch Agricultural Society came off on Tuesday last, in a field of sward, on the farm of Mr. W. Jones, near Pallister’s Tavern.  Seven ploughmen and five ploughboys entered the lists, and performed their work in a very creditable manner.  The judges, Messrs. Charles Davidson, J. S. Armstrong, and J. W. Armstrong expressed their satisfaction at seeing such good ploughing and gave the following as their awards:



Best ploughman — Peter McGregor

2nd — Mathias Kirby

3rd — Henry Iles

4th — John Wakefield

5th — W. Dory

6th — Francis Murphy




Best ploughboy — Robert Thompson

2nd — ______ (left blank) Caulfield

3rd — Alex Gow

4th — Peter Arkell

5th — Thomas Kirkland




from the Guelph Advertiser newspaper

October 30th 1854.






Puslinch Ploughing Match

November 22nd 1855.


The annual Ploughing Match for the Township of Puslinch was held on the farm of Mr. Thomas Arkell on Wednesday, the 21st ult., when the following return was made by the judges of the day:

Best ploughman

J. Harrison, in the employment of F. W. Stone, Esq.


R. Young of Guelph Township


A. Gow, in the service of D. Stirton, Esq.


R. Kirby


R. Murray



Best ploughboy

John Iles


R. Thompson


James Dillon, in the service of J. Caulfield, Esq.


Michael Doyle


Thos. Scott


Peter Arkell



The judges were Messrs. William Benham, Thomas Whitlaw, and John McCrea.  The weather being propitious, the attendance was large, there being 16 ploughs at work.


About 50 of the agriculturalists of the township partook of an excellent dinner provided by Mr. James Terry in his usual sumptuous style, and spent a most pleasant evening, the proceedings of which were enlivened by the excellent performances of Mr. Wheatley’s Brass Band from Guelph and as an index of the spirit in which good ploughing is held by the Farmers of Puslinch, the very handsome of $55 was subscribed towards the ploughing match of 1856.


David Stirton




from the Guelph Advertiser newspaper






Puslinch Ploughing Match

October 18th 1864.


The Ploughing Match in connection with the Agricultural Society of the Township of Puslinch was held on the farm of Thomas Arkell, Esquire, of Puslinch Plains, on Tuesday the 18th instant.  There was a very fair turnout of ploughmen, ten men and six boys having entered the lists for competition.  A start was made at ten o’ clock and by two o’ clock all of the men had finished their portion, and most of the boys.  A good many spectators were present who watched the work narrowly and took quite an interest in the proceedings.  The ploughing on the whole was excellent and would compete favourably with any work done in the neighbouring townships. 


An English plough that Mr. Arkell got out last year attracted considerable attention.  It is furnished with two wheels that are intended to gauge the width and depth of the furrow.  The holder, Mr. Thomas Arkell Jr., competed this year for the first time in the men’s class and took the second prize.  The work that took the first prize was performed by one of the ploughs made by Mr. Burrows of Eden Mills.  During the day, the judges, committee, and ploughmen were hospitably entertained by Mr. Arkell.  The judges were L. Parkinson of Eramosa, Archibald Campbell of Nassagaweya, and Thomas Waters of Puslinch.  The following is the prize list.


Men’s Class

1st prize — Peter Arkell — $5

2nd — Thos. Arkell Jr. — $4

3rd — John Iles Jr. — $3

4th — John Arkell — $2

5th — Charles McIntosh — $1

6th — Edmund Wakefield — 50 cents


Boys’ Class

1st — Adam McKenzie — $5

2nd — Francis Beattie — $4

3rd — Donald Grant — $3

4th — Adam Cook — $2

5th — Adam McRobbie — $1

6th — Cullen Watt — 50 cents


From the Guelph Advertiser newspaper





Badenoch Ploughing Match

October 28th 1864.


This ploughing match came off on the premises of Mr. John Clark Sr., on Monday, the 24th instant.  The weather was favourable and the gathering of spectators was large, though the entries were not as numerous as on former occasions, only thirteen ploughs on the ground.  The work, however, was executed in a highly creditable manner.  Indeed, considering the hard nature of the ground, it could scarcely have been better.  The extra prizes for grooming and harness are producing good effects in this quarter, the improvement being very marked of late years.  It is highly creditable to this Society that it is the only one in the county that has hitherto encouraged the better keeping of horses and harness, although it is of the utmost importance to farmers.  On account of these prizes being disposed of previous to the commencement of the ploughing, the necessary time occupied by the judges, Messrs. Robert Watson, Paul Orchard, and Charles Calfass, in giving their decision, caused some delay, and prevented the ploughmen from finishing at as early an hour as usual, so that it was quite late before the premiums were distributed.  The following are the names of the judges in ploughing: Messrs. A. Oliver of Dumfries, Allan McCaig of Puslinch, and J. Richardson of Garafraxa.

Men’s class

1st — Charles McIntosh

2nd — Chas. Cockburn

3rd — Henry McLaren

4th — Peter Grant

5th — Hugh Stewart


Boys’ class

1st — Donald Grant

2nd — A. McDonald

3rd — Donald Martin

4th — Finlay Kennedy

Extra prizes


Best groomed horses

1st — Henry McLaren

2nd — Chas. Cockburn

Best kept harness

1st — Malcolm Clark

2nd — Henry McLaren


The plough, so liberally given by Mr. Archibald Gillies of Morriston, as a prize for the best-ploughed rig by one of his ploughs, was taken by Charles McIntosh, who also took the first prize in the Men’s class.


Great praise is due to Mr. Clark and the ladies of the house for the hospitable manner in which all present were treated, clearly evidencing that they possess to its fullest extent that virtue that has ever been a distinguishing characteristic of the Celtic race, and which caused the poet to exclaim, “In heaven itself, give me a Highland welcome!”


Guelph Mercury newspaper






Puslinch Union Ploughing Match

February 9th 1865.


At a large and influential meeting of the members of the Lower Puslinch and the West Puslinch Ploughing Clubs, held at Tyrrell’s Hotel, Morriston, on Saturday last, it was unanimously resolved to form the two clubs into one.  By the above arrangement a strong society will be obtained, while better prizes can be offered, and no doubt other advantages will be derived.  The following were elected office bearers for the current year:


James McCrone

Secretary and Treasurer:

Joseph Grant


Arch. McDiarmid, George Scott, James Daly, John McRobbie, Angus Martin, and Peter Grant


Hector McCaig, Andrew McRobbie, and Peter McLean Jr.




from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Upper Puslinch Ploughing Match

October 12th 1865.


Mr. Joseph Grant, Secretary of the Puslinch Agricultural Society, requested us to announce that the ploughing match for the upper section of this township will be held this year on the farm of Mr. John Cockburn, on Friday, the 20th instant.






Puslinch and Nassagaweya Ploughing Match

October 19th 1865.


A Union Ploughing Match of the above townships came off on the farm of Mr. Duncan Morrison, Nassagaweya, on Saturday last.  The turnout was good, there being twenty ploughs on the ground, and the interest manifested by the farmers of the neighbourhood gave unmistakable proof that good ploughing is thoroughly appreciated.  The character of the ploughing was highly creditable to all engaged.  The ploughmen and spectators were most hospitably entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Morrison, and all seemed to be highly pleased with the day’s proceedings.  In the men’s class there were thirteen competitors and seven in the boys’.  The judges were Mr. David Stirton, M.P.P., Puslinch and Mr. Campbell, East Flamboro.  The following is the prize list:



1st — T. Black, Puslinch

2nd — D. Barbaree, Nassagaweya

3rd — C. McIntosh, Puslinch

4th — J. Kitching, Nassagaweya

5th — P. McLaren, Puslinch

Best finish — J. Kitching



1st — A. McRobbie

2nd — E. Mullronney

3rd — W. McGill

4th — A. McKenzie

5th — F. Beattie

(all Puslinch)







Puslinch Ploughing Match

October 26th 1865.


The annual ploughing match in connection with the Agricultural Society of Puslinch took place on Friday last, the 20th instant, on the farm of John Cockburn, Esq., near Aberfoyle.  Though the day was rather cold and blustery, the competitors turned out well, there being 8 in the men’s class and the same number in the boys’ class.  There was also a fair turnout of visitors. The work was considered very good and creditable to the ploughmen engaged.  After the labours of the day were over, Mr. and Mrs. Cockburn, who were unremitting in their hospitable and generous treatment of the company, entertained those who remained to an excellent and substantial repast.  After the most ample justice had been done to the good things, toasts, songs, and speeches followed, and the evening was most pleasantly spent.  The judges were Messrs. Ben H. Kean of Nassagaweya, James Boulton of Eramosa, and Adam Oliver of Dumfries.  The following are the names of the successful competitors:


Men’s Class

1st prize — Charles McIntosh — $5

2nd — John Thompson — $4

3rd — Henry McLaren — $3

4th — Donald Grant — $2

5th — John Arkell — $1

6th — Charles Cockburn — 50 cents


Boys’ Class

1st prize — Andrew McRobbie — $5

2nd — Francis Beattie — $4

3rd — Adam McKenzie — $3

4th — Archibald McKenzie — $2

5th — Wm. McGill — $1

6th — Edward Mulroney — 50 cents


from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





The Union Ploughing Match

October 26th 1865.


The Union Ploughing Match, under the auspices of the South Wellington, Guelph, and Eramosa Township Agricultural Societies, was held on Tuesday on the farm of Mr. George Murton, adjoining the town.  The weather being very favourable, there was a large turnout of ploughmen and spectators.  Twenty competed in the men’s class, nine in the second class, and four in the third or boys’ class.


The field was admirably adapted for the purpose, being level, free of stones, and presenting a close surface.  The ploughing over the whole field was excellent and almost every visitor was of the opinion that they had never seen better work or more nearly alike.  Indeed, in the men’s class it was a very hard matter to decide and it required nice discrimination and good judgement to pick out the best.  Take it altogether, there never was so much good ploughing at a county match before.


The work of the day was commenced about 10 o’ clock and by 4 o’ clock most of them were through.  The ploughmen, judges, and officers of the societies were hospitably entertained during the day by Mr. and Mrs. Murton.  The judges in the men’s class were Messrs. Thos. Armstrong, Charles Davidson, and John Peters.  In the second and boys’ class, the judges were Richard Jackson, Wm. Jones, and Isaac Simpson.  The following are the names of the successful competitors.


Men’s Class

1st prize — And. Richardson of Garafraxa — $8 — McInnes plough

2nd — John Wilson of Garafraxa — $6 — McInnes plough

3rd — Charles McIntosh of Puslinch — $4

4th — James Bolton of Eramosa — $3 — McSherry plough

5th — Charles Nicklin of Pilkington — $2

6th — Owen McDonald of Guelph — $1


2nd Class

1st prize — Watson Day of Eramosa — $7

2nd — John Thompson of Puslinch — $5

3rd — Wm. Armstrong of Eramosa — $3

4th — George Wilson — $2

5th — James Wilson — $1


Boys’ Class

1st prize — Thos. Talbot — $7

2nd — Benjamin Tolton — $5

3rd — Albert Tolton — $3

4th — Wm. Wood — $2


from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Lower Puslinch Ploughing Match


This match will be held on the farm of Mr. James H. Hanning on Friday, the 27th inst., when premiums of $5, $4, $3, $2, and $1, in each of the classes, men’s and boys’, will be given; also an extra prize in the men’s class for best finish, by Mr. Archibald Gillies, and the same in the boy’s class, by R. B. Morrison.



Guelph Mercury newspaper

October 19th 1865.



Lower Puslinch Ploughing Match Results

November 2nd 1865.


It has long been said that there are no difficulties that may not be overcome by steady, persevering endeavours, and never was the proverb better exemplified than recently by the ploughmen of Lower Puslinch.  On the morning of Friday, the 26th inst., the day appointed for the match, the snow lay to the depth of two inches on the surface of the ground, and it was considered expedient to postpone the affair until Saturday, in hopes that a thaw might intervene, and render the work easier of performance. 


Saturday came, but no thaw, and instead of the snow being in the least lessened, it was largely increased by a heavy shower of frozen rain, which formed a thick incrustation of ice, and rendered walking alike a perilous and toilsome mode of progression.  But snow or ice, the match must come off, and a heavy pair of harrows was put over the ground, and followed by a roller, which had the effect of reducing its winter-like covering to the smallest possible dimensions.


There were in all no less than fourteen ploughs on the ground, quite a large number when we consider that the limits of the society scarcely embrace half the township, and that the weather was so very unpropitious.  The spectators were also numerous, and with the ploughmen, directors, and judges, throughout the day, were the recipients of the careful attentions and generous hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Hanning, than whom, none exercise more of that system of lavish entertainment which may be said to be a peculiar characteristic of the Canadian farmer, but nowhere to be met with to a greater extent than in Lower Puslinch.


Notwithstanding all the difficulties to be encountered, the work made was of an exceedingly good quality, and the judges, Messrs. Wm. Simpson, Ben H. Kean, and Alex Gow, had no small difficulty in arriving at a decision.  The following is the prize list:


Men’s Class

10 entries

1st prize — Henry McLaren

2nd — Charles McIntosh

3rd — Peter Watson

4th — Archibald McDermid

5th — Peter Grant

Extra prize, given by Mr. A. Gillies

 for the best finish, to Peter Watson


Boys’ Class

4 entries

1st prize — A. McRobbie

2nd — A. Kennedy

3rd — A. McKenzie

4th — Evan Clark

Extra prize, given by R. B. Morrison, Esq.,

for the best finish, to Alex Kennedy



Guelph Mercury Newspaper

November 2nd 1865.





Union Ploughing Match

October 18th 1866.


The Union Ploughing Match, under the auspices of the South Riding Agricultural Society, will take place on a field belonging to Mr. James Caulfield, Puslinch, on Wednesday, the 24th instant.  Competitors are divided into three classes.  The prizes in the first class are $8, $6, $4, $3, $2, and $1.  In the second class, for ploughmen from 17 to 21 years of age, the prizes are $7, $5, $3, $2, and $1.  For boys under 17 years of age, the prizes are the same in number and value as in the second class.



from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





The South Wellington Union Ploughing Match

October 25th 1866.


The annual Union Ploughing Match, under the auspices of the South Wellington Agricultural Society, was held yesterday on the farm of Mr. James Caulfield, Puslinch Plains.  The day, though cold, was otherwise favourable.  There were ten competitors in the men’s class, six in the second class of youths from 17 to 21 years of age, and ten in the boys’ class.  The ground was not very suitable for the match, for though some portions of the field were quite firm and free from stones, the soil in other places was rather brittle, and the ploughmen were often annoyed in their work by small stones that caused ugly jogs in the furrows, and detracted somewhat from the appearance of the ploughing.  Quite a number of spectators were on the ground during the day and watched the progress of the ploughmen with great interest.  The hour specified for finishing was 3 o’ clock, but only one man had got through by that time.  It was 4 o’ clock before the last one was off the ground.  After some discussion, the Directors decided to extend the time so as not to exclude anyone, but we think that in future it would be much better when an hour is fixed for finishing to notify competitors that the rule will be strictly adhered to and when time is up to exclude all who have not got through at the time.


Some of the work in the men’s class was very superior, but on the whole hardly, we think, up to that of last year.  In the intermediate class the work done by the young men was very creditable.  In the boys class some of the ploughing was almost up to that in the class above them.  We noticed that done by one lad especially, William Wood, son of Joseph Wood, of Eramosa.  The little chap is hardly yet 15 we should think, but he held the plough like a man, and made good work.  During the day, the judges, directors, ploughmen, and others were very hospitably entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Caulfield, who were assiduous in their attention to all.  The judges in the first class were Messrs. Thomas Armstrong, Wm. Tolton, and Isaac Simpson.  In the 2nd and boys’ class the judges were Messrs. Thomas Arkell, John Laidlaw, and E. Passmore.  The following is the prize list:


Men’s Class

1st prize — Jno. Martin, Nassagaweya, Stephenson plough

2nd — Chas. McIntosh, Puslinch

3rd — Alex Kennedy, Erin, Milloy plough

4th — John Bolton, Guelph, McInnis plough

5th — Chas. Cockburn, Puslinch, Stephenson plough

6th — James Bolton, Guelph, McSherry plough


2nd Class

1st — Thomas Arkell, Puslinch, Stephenson plough

2nd — Watson Day, Eramosa, McSherry plough

3rd — Donald Grant, Puslinch, McGivern plough

4th — Thomas Talbot, Eramosa, McInnes plough

5th — Francis Beattie, Puslinch, McGivern plough


Boys’ Class

1st — Alex Nichol, Eramosa, Stephenson plough

2nd — Edward Mulrooney, McIntyre plough

3rd — William Wood, Eramosa, McInnes plough

4th — James Stewart, Eramosa, Stephenson plough

5th — William Richardson, Garafraxa, McInnes plough



from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





West Puslinch Ploughing Match


The ploughing match will be held on the farm of Mr. John Marshall, near Morriston, on Saturday, the 26th instant, when four prizes will be awarded in the men’s class and four in the boys’ class, under 18 years of age.  The match will be open to the township.


From the Guelph Mercury newspaper

October 17th 1867.






Puslinch Ploughing Match

October 31st 1867.


The West Puslinch Ploughing Match was held on the farm of Mr. John Marshall, near Morriston, on Saturday last.  The day being fine and pleasant, there was a large turnout of spectators, especially in the afternoon, which seemed to take a lively interest in the match.  The field was good except one ridge on the west side and two or three on the east side of the field.  It cut well considering the dry weather.  The ploughing was excellent and very creditable to the competitors.  There were 12 entries in all, those being, four in the boys’ class and eight in the men’s class.  The judges, directors, ploughmen, and spectators were hospitably entertained during the day and after the match by the host and hostess, who supplied the good things of life in abundance.  Great credit is due to the directors for getting up the match.  The judges were Messrs. Adam Oliver of Dumfries, James Shaver of Waterloo, and John Perry of Puslinch.  The prizes were awarded as follows:



Men’s Class

1st — Jas. McCrone (Gillies plough)

2nd — Henry McLaren (Gillies plough)

3rd — John McDiarmid ( Banatyne plough)

4th — Chas. Cockburn (Stephenson plough)


Boys’ Class

1st — Hugh Clark (Gillies plough)

2nd — Hugh McDiarmid (Gillies plough)

3rd — Alexander Marshall ( Bannatyne plough)

4th — Charles Conawer




from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Aberfoyle Ploughing Match

November 7th 1867.


This match will be held on the farm of Mr. John McKenzie, lot 22, 7th Concession, Puslinch, on Friday the 16th of November, when the following prizes will be given: Men’s Class, $6, $4, $3, $2, $1 Second Class, $5, $3.50, $2, $1, and 50 cents Third Class, $4, $3, new neck-yoke for third prize, $1 for fourth, and 50 cts. for fifth.




Aberfoyle Ploughing Match

November 21st 1867.


This ploughing match came off on the farm of Mr. John McKenzie, 7th Concession of Puslinch, on Friday last.  There was a sharp frost in the morning that delayed operations till nearly noon, and in consequence the ridges were made narrower so that the ploughmen might be enabled to finish their work in time.


There was a very large turnout of ploughs, there being 27 competitors altogether.  Although the weather was cold there was a good turnout of spectators who took quite an interest in the proceedings.  The ploughing was acknowledged by all to be very superior and on the whole far ahead of that done at any previous match in the township.


The judges, committee, ploughmen, and spectators were most hospitably entertained by Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie during the day.  In fact, open house was kept, all were welcome, and all went away more than satisfied.  The judges were Messrs. John Bolton of Eramosa, and B. H. Kean and John Martin of Nassagaweya.  We are indebted to the Secretary, Mr. Robert Fleming, for the prize list, which is as follows:


1st class

1st — Thomas Arkell

2nd — Charles McIntosh

3rd — John McRobbie

4th — James McCrone

5th — P. McLean Jr.

Charles McIntosh got the prize for best finish.


2nd Class

1st — Wm. McGill

2nd — James McNaughton

3rd — Edward Mulroney

4th — John McDiarmid

5th — Francis Beattie Jr.

Francis Beattie got the prize in this class for best finish.


3rd Class

1st — Hugh Clark

2nd — Hugh McDiarmid

3rd — Kenneth McKenzie

4th — George McFarlane

5th — Gilbert Barber

In this class Kenneth McKenzie got the prize for best finish, and well he deserved it, for considering his size and age, his work was splendid.




from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Puslinch Ploughing Match

November 4th 1868.


The Puslinch Ploughing Match will come off on Wednesday, the 11th, on the farm of Mr. Robt. Beattie, lot 15, 9th Concession, when five prizes will be offered in each class, the prizes in the first and second classes to range from $5 to $1, and in the boys’ class from $4 to 50’.  For particulars as to entry, &c., see bills.



from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Wm. Stephenson

Plough Maker


Acton Station

Grand Trunk Railway West


Parties wishing to purchase ploughs are respectfully invited to

Examine William Stephenson’s Iron Plough

With its

Patent Wrought Iron Share,


And satisfy themselves of its strength and durability.  The advantages claimed on my share over any other share in use at the present time is that it


Will wear longer.


There are no clasps to wear off on the under side and it runs clear underneath.

A fair trial and satisfaction given in all cases, if required, before the money is paid.


Old iron ploughs made over new with Patent Share and Steel Mould board.

Ploughs sent to any station without additional cost.





First prize at Nassagaweya Ploughing Match 1864,

and two first prizes in 1868, and 3 first prizes in 1870.


First prizes at County Halton and County Wellington South Riding Show in 1864.


First prize seven years in succession at the County of Halton Ploughing Match.


First prize at Puslinch Ploughing Match 1865.


First prize at County of Halton show 1865.


Silver Cups at County of Halton Ploughing Match 1865 and 1866,

three first prizes 1867, two first prizes 1868, three first prizes 1869.


First prizes at Nassagaweya and Puslinch Shows, 1866.


First and second prizes at County of Wellington South Riding Ploughing Match 1866,

 and three first prizes in 1868.


First prize Puslinch Ploughing Match 1866.


First prize at Nassagaweya, County Halton,

 and County Wellington South Riding Shows 1867.


First prizes at Eramosa, Nassagaweya, Puslinch, & Waterloo Ploughing Matches 1867.


Two first prizes at the Wawanosh Ploughing Match 1868.


First prizes at the Rockwood Union, Nassagaweya, and Lucknow Shows 1868.

First prize at Rockwood Union and Nassagaweya Shows 1869.


Two Silver medals at the Lucknow Union Ploughing Match 1868.


First prize at the Carrick Ploughing Match, where thirty-two ploughs competed, 1868.


15 prizes in all.


Wm. Stephenson

Plough-Maker, Acton P.O.

County Halton, Ontario.



from the Guelph Mercury newspaper

March 23rd 1872.





Ploughing Match in Puslinch

Wednesday November 18th 1874.


The ploughing match in the Badenoch section was held on Saturday November 7th.  The day turned out unusually fine for the season of the year, thereby bringing a large concourse of spectators to see and criticize the work of the various ploughers on the field.  The judges, Mr. Charles Cockburn, Mr. Thomas Black, and Mr. Peter McLaren, gave the following fair and impartial decision.



Men’s Class

1st prize

John Grant

$5 and a special prize by Mr. Foley, $1


Hugh Clark



John Clark

Neck yoke and 50 cents, amounting to $3


John Martin



Duncan Clark






Boy’s Class


Donald McLean

$5 and a special prize by Mr. Foley, 50’


John Pattie



W. Kennedy

A horse brush with curry and mane combs, given by Mr. J. T. Scott, Morriston, also $1 in cash, amounting to $3.


A prize of 50 cents for the best break and finish was awarded to Mr. John Clark.



from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Corwhin Ploughmen

November 13th 1902.

Successful Match Held in Puslinch on Friday


One of the most successful matches held by the Corwhin Plowing Match Association, open to the townships of Puslinch and Nassagaweya, was held on Friday, the 7th of November, on the farms of Messrs. Geo. Lamb and Jno. Philips, lots 11 and 12, concession 11, Puslinch.


The weather being all that could be desired, the attendance was large, fully two hundred and fifty being present, including a number of the fair sex, also some visitors from the Royal City.


The competition in the various classes was keen, especially in Class No. 1, in sod, where Mr. Albert Cusic, Moffat, carried off the prize.


The prize list is as follows:

Classes in Sod


Class No. 1

Albert Cusic, Percival plow

John McPhee, Cockshut

Geo. Lewis, Cockshut



Class No. 2

Percy Kitching, Percival plow

Lorne Kitching, Percival

W. Simpson, Cockshut



Class No. 3

Peter Lamb, Percival plow

W. J. McLennan, Percival

Geo. Bell, Frost & Wood



Best finish in sod

John McPhee

Best feering in sod

Albert Cusic

Sweepstakes in sod

Albert Cusic

Best ploughing done by Percival plough in sod


A. Cusic

Best ploughed land in Class No. 3 in sod


Peter Lamb



Classes in Stubble


Class No. 1

Benny Taylor, Percival plough

Joseph Moore, Percival

Alex. Hume, Percival



Class No. 2

Murdock Wakefield, Gowdy No. 7

Geo. Stevens, Wilkinson No. 7



Class No. 3

Wm. Gilbertson, Fleury No. 2

Best ploughing by youngest boy in Class No. 3


Wm. Gilbertson

Best feering in stubble

Benny Taylor

Best finish in stubble

Murdock Wakefield

Sweepstakes in stubble

Benny Taylor



The directors wish to thank all parties who subscribed to the prize list, also Messrs. Lamb and Philips for their hospitality to those present.  The judges were Mr. William Dickinson, Eramosa, and Mr. Peter Iles, Arkell.




from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Ploughing Match at Puslinch Drew Big

October 15th 1923.


The second annual ploughing match of the Puslinch Branch of the Ontario Plowmen’s Association was held on the farm of John McNulty on the Guelph-Hamilton highway on Thursday October 11th.  A large number attended and the competition was keen.  Of the twenty competitors entered in the contests, there were representatives from Erin, Woodstock, and North Dumfries.  A bountiful lunch was served by the Arkell Women’s Institute.  The prize winners were:


Class 1, in sod, open to all

1st prize — W. Grenzebach

2nd — R. Wright

3rd — W. Brubacher

4th — J. Hewer

Best crown — W. Brubacher

Best finish — W. Brubacher


Class 2, in sod, open to members of association

1st prize — Geo. Jefferson

2nd — E. Byrne

3rd — R. J. Elston

4th — Geo. Elliott

Best crown — Geo. Jefferson

Best finish — Geo. Jefferson


Class 3, in sod, open to members of the association, 18 years and under

1st prize — J. P. Benham

2nd — R. Haugh

3rd — Elmer Chester

4th — S. Bootes

Best crown — J. P. Benham

Best finish — J. P. Benham


Class 4 in stubble, open to all

1st prize — M. Lake

2nd — J. Grant

Best crown — J. Grant

Best finish — M. Lake


Class 5, in stubble, open to boys 15 years and under

1st prize — D. Dickieson

2nd — James Chester

3rd — J. Byrne

Best crown — D. Dickieson

Best finish — J. Byrne


Class 6, two-furrow plows in stubble, open to all

1st prize — Wm. Forrest

2nd — J. McNeily

Best crown and finish — Wm. Forrest



Special Prizes


Best two-horse team in field

— J. E. Chester


Youngest boy ploughing

— James Chester


For competitor first finished in sod classes

1st — R. Wight

2nd — Geo. Elliott

3rd — Elmer Chester


Quick hitch, an competitor doing best and fastest work in six rounds

1st prize — J. E. Chester

2nd — W. Grenzebach

3rd — Geo. Elliott


Best ins and outs

1st prize — Geo. Lewis

2nd — J. Hewer

Silver Cup, property of association, cup to be won three times

1921 winner — R. J. Elston

1922 — J. E. Chester

1923 — Geo. Jefferson



Jas. McLean of Richmond Hill

Asst. Judge

Mr. Tolton of Guelph


from the Galt Reporter newspaper





Plowing Match

October 16th 1924.


The annual plowing match of the Puslinch Plowmen’s Association was held on Tuesday near Aberfoyle.  The fine weather drew not only a record audience but also a record in the number of contestants.  There were twenty teams in the field.  Judge W. C. Barrie said that in the open class he had never seen better plowing.  There were six contestants in that class.  The Women’s Institute served dinner and put up a mighty good one.  The prize winners are as follows:


Class 1, in sod, open to all

1st — W. A. Gray

2nd — N. G. McLeod

3rd — E. Dedman

4th — W. Talbot

Crown — W. A. Gray

Finish — W. A. Gray


Class 2, in sod, open to members of the association

1st — Geo. Jefferson

2nd — F. Byrne

3rd — S. Ord

Crown — G. Jefferson

Finish — G. Jefferson


Class 3, in sod, boys 18 years and under

1st — J. P. Benham

2nd — E. Byrne

3rd — N. Haugh

Crown — J. P. Benham

Finish — J. P. Benham


Class 4, in stubble, open to those who have never won a prize at a plowing match

1st — N. Ord

2nd — H. Carter

3rd — W. Roszell

Crown — R. Ord

Finish — H. Carter


Class 5, in stubble, boys 15 years and under

1st — J. Chester

2nd — W. harrison

3rd — D. Dickieson

4th — A. Dickieson

Crown — W. Harrison

Finish — D. Dickieson


Class 6, in stubble, 2 furrow

1st — A. Ord

Crown — A. Ord

Finish — A. Ord


Special, best two-horse team in field

E. Byrne


Special, Silver Cup, property of Association.  Cup to be won three times before it becomes the property of any one competitor.

Won in 1921 by R. J. Elston

Won in 1922 by J. E. Chester

Won in 1923 and 1924 by Geo. Jefferson.


Judge — W. C. Barrie, Galt, R. R. 7.




from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Ploughing Match

October 21st 1926.


Puslinch Ploughmen didn’t pick out the choicest day for their ploughing match but they had the largest number of entries that they’ve ever had in their contest yesterday.


The day was anything but pleasant, but a number of spectators were present nevertheless and saw some good ploughing.  The sod turned very nicely but the stubble was somewhat sticky.  G. Jefferson was the winner of the cup in Class 2, and as this is his third year at winning it, he will hold the cup as his own.  In Class 1 Norman McLeod was the winner.  W. A. Grey was the winner last year, the first year that the cup was offered.  The winners in the various classes were as follows:


Class 1

1st prize — N. McLeod

2nd — P. G. Hutchison

3rd — W. A. Grey

4th — W. Brubacher

Best crown and finish — N. McLeod


Class 2

1st prize — George Jefferson

2nd — F. Byrne

3rd — L. Ord

4th — R. Ord

Best crown — G. Jefferson

Best finish — L. Ord


Class 3

Boys 15-18 years

1st prize — W. Harrison

2nd — H. Carter

3rd — Jas. Chester

4th —Donald Dickison

Best crown and finish — W. Harrison


Class 4 (in stubble)

1st prize — W. Jefferson

2nd — J. Ord

Best crown — J. Ord

Best finish — W. Jefferson


Class 5

Boys under 15 years

1st — A. Black

2nd — C. Grant

3rd — A. Dickison

4th — T. Wetherald

Best crown — A. Black

Best finish — A. Dickison


Class 6

Old man’s (in sod)

1st prize — J. Grant

Best crown and finish — J. Grant


Class 7

Two-furrow plough

1st prize — A. Ord

Best crown and finish — A. Ord


from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Puslinch Plowing Match

October 27th 1927.


The annual plowing match was held this year at the farm of Gordon Auld, near Arkell.  There was a good attendance and an entry up to last year’s.  Nine competitions were on the program this year.  Messrs. N. McLeod of Galt and E. Byrne of Aberfoyle were the cup winners this year.  The prize winners:


Class 1, in sod

1st — N. McLeod, Galt

2nd — L. Gardiner, Guelph O.A.C.


Class 2, township plowmen

1st — E. Byrne, Aberfoyle

2nd — H. Carter, Arkell

3rd — G. Randall, Arkell

4th — L. Ord, Aberfoyle


Class 3, boys under 18, in sod

1st — A. Black, Arkell

2nd — E. Jefferson, Moffat


Class 4, in stubble

1st — C. G. Kent, Arkell

2nd — B. Hume, Arkell


Class 5, boys

1st — F. Weatherall, Puslinch


Class 6, old men

1st — J. Grant, Arkell


Class 7, single furrow riding plow

1st — W. Brubacher, Hespeler


Class 8, two-furrow plows

1st — W. Forest, Guelph

2nd — J. C. Thomas, Arkell


Class 9, Elliott’s Special

1st — R. Haugh, Puslinch

2nd — A. Ord, Aberfoyle

3rd — N. Black, Arkell


Best ins and outs in sod

N. McLeod

Best ins and outs in stubble

C. Grant



J. L. Lawson of King acted as judge.




from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Plowmen Elect Officers

December 15th 1927.


The annual meeting of the Puslinch Plowmen’s Association was held on Monday evening at the Township Hall, Aberfoyle.  President F. Roszell occupied the chair, Secretary-Treasurer Robertson reported the work of the year and the finances showed a surplus of $200.  The officers elected were Honorary President — F. Roszell, President — E. Clark, 1st Vice-President — Thos. Doyle, 2nd Vice-President — H. McCaig, Directors — D. M. McLean, A. Cockburn, A. Neubauer, E. J. McLean, W. J. Little, W. Schultz, M. P. Lynch, J. McNulty, W. Crow, J. McAllister, J. A. Ord, J. Grant, D. Stewart.  Secretary-Treasurer W. W. Robertson declined re-election and the appointment was left with the directors.


from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Puslinch Plowing Match


The executive of the Puslinch Plowmen’s Association met on Friday evening and set the date for the annual plowing match.  It will be held on the 16th of October, provided that Mr. McLean of Richmond Hill can act as judge that day.  Mr. McLean has given good satisfaction in the past years and they are anxious to have him come this year.  The matches will be staged on the farm of Dan McLean, near Morriston.


from the Guelph Mercury newspaper

September 13th 1928.





Puslinch Township Plowing Match

October 18th 1928.


Norman McLeod, A. Black, and D. Hume were the cup winners at the Puslinch plowing match, held yesterday.  Mr. McLeod, who was the winner in the open class, has won the cup for the past two years and it now becomes his property.  A. Black is the champion plowman for this year at any rate.  Dave Hume got the boys’ cup pretty easily as he was the only entrant in the Boys’ class.


There were twenty-one contestants in the nine classes, which is one higher than last year and is the record up to date.  Only one class was uncontested, single riding plows in sod.  Elliott’s special brought out a good number of plowmen as the high man received a plow as a prize.  There was a big crowd present, the wet day probably preventing work on the farm.  The prize winners are as follows:


Class 1

1st — N. McLeod wins cup

2nd — T. Jefferson

3rd — E. Emslie

Best crown and finish — N. McLeod


Class 2, open to township plowmen only

1st — A. Black

2nd — H. Carter

3rd — L. Ord

4th — D. Hanning

Best crown — A. Black

Best finish — L. Ord


Class 3, single plows in sod, 18 years and under

1st — R. G. Brown

2nd — E. Grant

3rd — W. Harrison

Best crown — Harrison

Best finish — Grant


Class 4, old men’s match

1st — J. Grant


Class 6, single plow in stubble

1st — H. Leischman

2nd — W. Maltby

3rd — J. Cumington

4th — A. Leischman

Best crown — H. Leischman

Best finish — W. Maltby


Class 7, Boys’ class, single in stubble


1st — D. Hume

Class 8, two-furrow plow in stubble

1st — J. E. Thomas

Class 9, Elliott’s Special

1st — A. Ord

2nd — R. Haugh

3rd — W. Hanning


Sweepstakes in sod

1st — A. Black


Sweepstakes in stubble

1st — A. Ord


Best ins and outs in stubble

1st — A. Leischman


Best ins and outs in sod

1st — H. Carter



Mr. James McLean, who has been an efficient judge at several plowing matches, was not able to be present.  Mr. A. J. Little, of Agincourt, ably filled the bill.


The Women’s Institute of Aberfoyle served an excellent lunch.




from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Plowing Match

October 3rd 1929.


The Puslinch Plowmen will hold their annual plowing match on the 22nd at the farm of Chris Bond, “if”, as Secretary Robertson says, “it rains.”  The weather this fall has been so exceptionally dry that the ground is too hard to plow.  It is seldom that during the month of September that so little rain falls.  But the plowmen are hoping for rains before then, but not on that day.  As usual, they are offering good prizes.


from the Guelph Mercury newspaper

& the Hespeler Herald newspaper





Puslinch Township Plowing Match

October 31st 1929.


W. Grenzebach, of Woodstock, will hold the coveted trophy in the Puslinch Township plowing match for one year, having won the open class event, while A. Black, of Arkell, is the best plowman in the township, according to Col. G. B. Little, of Agincourt, who pronounced on the work.


The adjourned match was held on Saturday on the farms of Ed. S. Shantz and “Cap” J. McMillan, and the ground was in the pink of conditions after the rains.  Judge Little said that there was some excellent plowing done and he had some difficulty in a warding the prize money, especially in the principal events.  There was a greater number of participants in the events than last year and the spectators were more numerous.  The Aberfoyle Ladies’ Institute was on hand to satisfy the inner needs of the hungry.  The prize winners were:


Class 1, open

1st — W. Grenzebach, Woodstock

2nd — R. G. Brown, Galt

3rd — J. G. Dean, Paris

4th — W. Collins, Mitchell

Best crown and finish — W. Grenzebach


Class 2, Puslinch Township

1st — A. Black, Arkell

2nd — A. Ord, Aberfoyle

3rd — A. Jefferson, Moffat

4th — H. Carter, Arkell

Best crown and finish — A. Black


Class 3, Boys, 18 years and under

1st — F. Taylor, Galt

2nd — C. Grant, Arkell

3rd — A. Nairn, Paris

Best crown — F. Taylor

Best finish — C. Grant


Class 4

No entries


Class 5, single furrow riding plow

1st — R. Farquhar


Sweepstakes in sod classes

1st — W. Grenzebach


Class 6, in stubble

1st — W. Sherk or Shirk, Bright

2nd — M. Sherk, Bright

3rd — E. Chester

4th — E. Nelson, Hespeler

Best crown — W. Sherk

Best finish — M. Sherk


Class 7, Boys

1st — G. Hewer

2nd — Ford Tremaine

Best crown and finish — G. Hewer

Best ins and outs — G. Hewer


Class 8, tractors

1st — M. King, Galt


Class 9, Elliott’s Special

1st — Jas. Chester, Hespeler

2nd — Jas. Ord, Aberfoyle

3rd — E. Evans, Hespeler

Best crown and finish — J. Chester


Sweepstakes in stubble class

1st — W. Sherk




from the Guelph Mercury newspaper

& the Hespeler Herald newspaper





Plowing Match

October 23rd 1930.


Competing against some of the best plowmen in Western Ontario, Alex Black, the 18-year-old Arkell boy, carried off the honours at the annual plowing match of the Puslinch Agricultural Society, held on the farm of J. Ehrhardt, near Hespeler, on Tuesday.  In addition to winning the sweepstakes in sod, Black, whose performance featured the competition, captured the silver trophy for single plows in sod and won another silver cup for the best-equipped plow team.  Silver cups were won also by Clark Grant of Guelph, Albert Currie of Hespeler, and Cecil Nelson of Puslinch.


John Lawson of King, Ontario, who acted as judge, gave a short talk after the judging had been completed and he complimented the association on the work that had been done and the interest that was shown in the match.  The ground was rather dry for working but the judge said that the plowing that had been done was commendable.


At the completion of the judging, the cups were awarded.  T. Doyle, the Honorary President of the Puslinch Association, made the presentation of the cup for open competition in Class 1 to Clark Grant of Guelph.  He congratulated Mr. Grant on having won the award and also thanked the entrants in the several events for their help in making the day a success.  The cup for Class 2, won by Alex. Black of Arkell, was presented by the President, Hector McCaig, who also gave a short address, and J. McAllister made the presentation of the Conduit Cup, for those under 15 years of age, which was won by Albert Currie of Hespeler.  The results:


Open, single plows in sod

1st — Clark Grant, Guelph

2nd — W. O. Grenzebach, Woodstock

3rd — George Jefferson, Moffat

4th — Herbert Schnerr, Walkerton

Best crown and finish — Grenzebach


Single plows in sod, Puslinch Township

1st — Alex Black, Arkell

2nd — Alex Ord, Guelph

3rd — Leonard Ord, Guelph

Best crown and finish — Alex. Black


Boys under 18, single plows in sod

1st — Austin Nairn, Stratford

Best crown and finish — Austin Nairn


Single plows in sod, open to non-winners

1st — James Chester, Hespeler

Best crown and finish — J. Chester


Single riding plows in sod

1st — Roy Farquhar, Aberfoyle

2nd — Donald Bartels, Guelph

Best crown and finish — D. Bartels


Single plows in stubble, non-winners of previous prizes

1st — Cecil Nelson, Puslinch

2nd —William Ehrhardt, Hespeler

3rd —F. Tremain, Hespeler

Best crown — Tremain

Best finish — Nelson


Single plows in stubble, boys under 15

1st — A. Currie, Hespeler

2nd — W. Nairn, Puslinch

Best crown and finish — A. Currie


Tractor in stubble, drawing two-furrow plow, open to all engaged in farming

1st — J. S. Dunbar, Guelph

2nd — W. King, Galt

Best crown and finish — J. S. Dunbar



Judge — John Lawson, King




from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





Puslinch Boy is Among Leaders as Ploughman

October 22nd 1936.


George Cunnington, Aged 14, Wins Sweepstakes in Annual Puslinch Match

Huge Crowd is Present

William Harrison Wins Sweepstakes in Sod — Ford Tremain Wins Rose Bowl


George Cunnington, 14-year-old Puslinch Township boy, achieved high honour yesterday when in competition with ploughmen from all parts of the district, he captured the sweepstakes in stubble at the annual Puslinch Ploughing Match, held yesterday on the farm of Robert McRobbie, First Concession.


Young Cunnington was also awarded the special prize offered by the Aberfoyle Women’s Institute for his work.  He won first place, crown and finish, in the class for boys under fifteen years.


William Harrison, R.R. #7, Galt, won the sweepstakes in sod, while the Association rose bowl and silver tray were captured by Ford Tremain of Puslinch, who had a clean sweep in the class open to Puslinch residents only.  James McCaig of Puslinch had the best plough team.


The crowd was one of the largest of recent years, a fact attributable to the exceptionally fine weather, and to the increased interest that has been shown in ploughing recently.  Entries were exceptionally large and competition was keen in every class.  The prize winners, following are the results of the match:


Class 1, open

1st — William Harrison, R.R. #7, Galt

2nd — Harvey Baynem, Rockwood

3rd — Leonard Gardiner, Rockwood

4th — Gordon Nelson, R.R. #4, Rockwood

Best crown and finish — William Harrison


Open to members of the Puslinch Association

1st — Ford Tremain of Puslinch

Best crown and finish — Ford Tremain


Boys under 18 years

1st — Walter Cook, Preston

2nd — Harold Allen, Rockwood

3rd — Ernie Rhodey, Galt

4th — Thomas Maud, Rockwood

Best crown — Walter Cook

Best finish — Harold Allen


Open to ploughmen who have never won a prize in sod

1st — Clarence Cunnington, Puslinch

2nd — Alex Harrison, Galt

3rd — Will McNally, Puslinch

Best crown and finish — Clarence Cunnington


Open to ploughmen who have never won a prize in stubble

1st — Thomas Hall, Puslinch

2nd — Edwin Bond, Puslinch

3rd — John Porteous, Puslinch

4th — Wilson Aikens, Puslinch

Best crown and finish — Edwin Bond


Boys under 15 years

1st — George Cunnington

2nd — David Paddock

3rd — George Simpson

Best crown and finish — George Cunnington


Open class in stubble, no handling

1st — James Brown, Puslinch

2nd — Mac Stewart, Puslinch

3rd — Cecil Nelson, Puslinch

4th — James McCaig, Puslinch

Best crown — Mac Stewart

Best finish — James Brown


Sweepstakes in sod

William Harrison

Sweepstakes in stubble

George Cunnington

Rose bowl, donated by Association

Ford Tremain

Silver tray,

donated by Mr. Jewel, of Guelph


Ford Tremain

Women’s Institute, Aberfoyle,

 special prize


George Cunnington



Best plough team

James McCaig, Puslinch



Judge — Alex McKenny




from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





For Reeve Match

Horses Provided,

Doubt About Oxen

October 3rd 1955.


Assurance has been given to the Reeves of Wellington County municipalities that there will be classes at the plowing match on Thursday in Puslinch Township for use of either horse or tractor, if entries warrant, in the special match for municipal reeves.


Puslinch Reeve, Peter C. McLean and his Deputy-Reeve, James McCaig, told county council yesterday that officials of the plow match had agreed to cater to non-tractor plowmen among the legislators.  The competition for reeves is being added this year for the first time and indications are that many of the 27 council members will compete.  Even plows will be provided if desired and the legislators will not have to bring their own as other competitors are expected to do.


Lake Road Farm


The matches are being held on the Puslinch Lake Road farm of Robert McRobbie on October 6th.


There is some doubt about oxen being provided for Reeve Wesley Small of West Luther because “Puslinch is not that far behind,” Reeve McLean declared.


Mr. McLean and the deputy reeve extended an invitation to the council members to take part in the special match for reeves.  There would be the usual prizes of $25 for top man and lesser amounts for runners-up.  “There are no stones in Puslinch Township,” Deputy-Reeve McCaig said in reply to kibbitzers.


Those who intended to enter this special match were asked to let the directors know by Monday so that arrangements could be made to have the necessary equipment available.


“I hope that councillors will take this invitation to heart and compete in the special match.  The directors are being kind in offering to provide equipment for the reeves, for the urban representatives cannot afford to buy a plow,” added Warden Norman R. Drimmie, of Elora.


Reeve David D. Gray pointed out that the reeves would have to be on their best behaviour and do their best plowing.  “The public expects members of council to go straight,” he quipped.


Ed White (Reeve of Arthur Township) and I will look after the oxen if they are supplied.  I’ll ride the oxen and Ed will steer the plough,” declared Reeve Small.



from the Guelph Mercury newspaper

October 3rd 1955.





Annual Ploughing Match Held on farm at Arkell

October 6th 1966.


Reasonably good weather and excellent plowing conditions featured Wellington County Plowmen’s Association annual match, held this year in Puslinch Township, near Arkell, on the farm of James Mutter. 


One of the interesting things is that the earliest recorded Wellington County plowing match was held in West Puslinch Township in the vicinity of Fraserville in 1863.


The number of competitors was down somewhat from other years.  Andy McRobbie, now of Mount Forest, was the lone entry in the horse class.  Glen Gray of R.R. #1, Rockwood, was the winner of the Esso Champion Special and this award was presented by Len Wakefield, district representative for Imperial Oil.  Tom Henderson of Guelph was the winner of the Eaton’s of Canada Junior Championship trophy and Cecil Shoemaker of Elmira won the International Harvester Special.  Other winners were:


Open, two-furrow

Don Bradhaecker, Galt

County, two or three-furrow

Roy Stickney, Guelph

Open, two or three-furrow, for those under 21

Richard Dunnett, Galt

County high school students and under 18

Tom Henderson, R.R. 7 Guelph

Open three-furrow

Ivan Shoemaker, Elmira

Open, mounted two or three-furrow

Roy Craig, Mono Road

Beginners, under 21

Elgin Jamieson, Galt

County Junior farmers

Glen Gray, R.R. #1, Rockwood

Utility seniors

Roy Craig, Mono Road

Utility juniors

Bob Brown, R.R. # 4, Galt



Thanks were expressed to the owner of the site, James Mutter, the ladies of the Arkell Women’s Institute for lunches, and to the directors and others who helped, particularly Howitt Carter, former owner of the farm.




from the Guelph Mercury newspaper





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