Reform Meeting in Morriston

Wednesday August 28th 1878.


Mr. Guthrie’s meeting at Morriston on Tuesday night was largely attended, the town hall being quite full.  The meeting was quite orderly, and only at the close was there any rowdiness displayed, when some blackguard threw a couple of eggs, one of which was aimed at the chairman and the other at Mr. Guthrie.  Mr. Duncan McFarlane was appointed chairman and Mr. William Ross, secretary.


Mr. Guthrie spoke for about an hour, and dealt fully with the protection question.  He was followed by Mr. Wilkie on behalf of Mr. Goldie.  The following resolutions were then put to the meeting, and carried with scarcely a dissentient voice:


Moved by Alex McLean, seconded by William Simpson, that having heard Mr. Guthrie on the questions of the day, we would express our hearty and continued confidence in him, and in the government of the Honourable Alexander McKenzie, which he supports, and we pledge ourselves to do all in our power, consistent with the law, to re-elect him as our member for this riding.


Moved by Matthew Elliott, seconded by Duncan Martin, that the policy of a revenue tariff, as now adopted by the present government, is the best suited for the country, for under it the country has grown to its present position; and we have fullest confidence that the government will pursue similar patriotic policy in the future, and make such readjustment of the tariff as will best serve the interests of the country.




from the Guelph Mercury newspaper