Puslinch Plains Ploughing Match


(from the Guelph Mercury newspaper for October 25th 1849.)



This most interesting and important object of agricultural skill took place on Thursday, the 18th instant, in a field, the property of Mr. Thomas Carter, when thirteen teams started with great spirit and energy, everyone trying to complete his work in the best manner.  The judges were Mr. F. Beatey, Mr. J. Oakes, and Mr. A. McCrea.  Their awards were as follows: —



1st prize —

John Hewer

2nd prize —

Simeon Eaket

3rd prize —

Henry Wakefield

4th prize —

Peter Bell


Boys under eighteen years of age:

1st prize —

Daniel Iles

2nd Prize —

John Wakefield

3rd prize —

Henry Iles

4th prize —

Robert Hume


In the evening, about thirty persons sat down to an excellent dinner, provided by Mr. James Terry.  Mr. James Hewer presided and Mr. John Caulfield occupied the vice-chair.  After the cloth was drawn, the chairman gave, in succession, the usual loyal toasts, which were severally drank with all the honours.  Mr. Haines then rose to propose a toast, complimenting the parties on the satisfactory manner in which they had performed their arduous duties, and gave the judges, drank with three times three, responded to by Mr. Oakes.  Mr. Caulfield gave the Army and the Navy.  Numerous other toasts were proposed and cheerfully drank, and several excellent songs were sung.  The party broke up at a very late hour, each one being highly gratified with the evening’s enjoyment.


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