Many See Mortgage Burn at Arkell United Church

from the Guelph Mercury newspaper for November 27th 1966.







The mortgage is about to be burned during a special service of Thanksgiving Sun­day night at the Arkell Unit­ed Church. The mortgage was on a new Christian Education wing, constructed by the church.  From left, are Glen Ray, secretary-treasur­er, Rev. W. A. Leeman, minist­er of the church, Mrs. Stewart Hume, oldest member of the church, who burned the mort­gage, Len Green, chairman of the building committee, L. A. Page, clerk of the session, and Ken Roberts, chairman of the finance committee.


Arkell United Church was fill­ed Sunday evening for a special mortgage burning service for the mortgage on the church’s Christian Education Wing.


          Mrs. Stewart Hume, the oldest member of the congregation, burned the mortgage, assisted by L. A. Page, clerk of the ses­sion, and Glen S. Ray, secretary-­treasurer.


          Taking part in the special ser­vice of thanksgiving was the Minister of Arkell United Church, Rev. W. A. Leeman, with a prayer of thanksgiving, recited by Mrs. S. Allan.  Debbie  Roberts made the call to wor­ship with meditation on “the Church” given by Russell Ellis.  R. M. Starkey gave a historical statement.


Two former ministers at the church also took part in the in services.  They were Rev. Wil­liam Slinn who served from 1952 until 1956, and Rev. R. J. Hadcock, who served from 1961-1963.  Both former ministers of Ar­kell United and Rev. R. H. Mc­Coll, chairman of the Guelph Presbytery, gave short addres­ses.


          The choir was under the di­rection of E. Ledingham.


The wing of the church was started in 1961, under the chair­manship of Ken Roberts, finan­cial committee, and Len Green, chairman of the building com­mittee.  The first floor of the new wing has a large meeting room, which serves as a gym with a kitchen at one end.  In the basement are several smaller meeting rooms.  The new wing is also used as a Sunday school.


          Following the special thanks­giving service, lunch was served to those attending by the ladies of the church.