Sleighing Party

Tuesday February 2nd 1897.


A carryall load of young ladies and gentlemen, about twenty in all, drove to Mr. James Moran’s, Puslinch, last Wednesday night.  All went very well and enjoyed their drive until they came near Strachan’s Corners.  The road was in a very bad condition.  All at once, the horses came to a standstill in a snow bank.  All the ladies, being frightened, soon jumped out, while the men secured the horses and got them on a good road again.  All jumped in again and tried to make up for lost time.  This they did until they came to the Downey’s Schoolhouse.  The road was drifted again.  They could see no way in getting through unless by going over a creek.  When they were half over, the horses and the sleigh sank to such an extent that they, the company, were compelled to walk again, but fortunately they were not wet, and they were near their journey’s end, where they soon were warmed and enjoyed a social dance that was given by Miss Moran and Miss Heffernan.  Lunch was also prepared by them, in right high style.  These two are popular young ladies of high esteem.


Mr. Norrish furnished the music.  Mr. McNulty assisted him in calling off.  Mr. McCrea and Mr. Moran also played some exact tunes.  They all enjoyed themselves very much.  “Guelph”, “Puslinch”, and the “Brock Roaders” left for home at 4:30, wishing all to meet again.  Mr. and Mrs. Moran enjoyed themselves very much, and invited them to call on them again.  I’ll wait till the roads are better.



from the Guelph Mercury newspaper