Released January 2012


Our Home and Native Land

Community in Puslinch Township.


Marjorie Clark


Amid a formidable amount of Puslinch Township history, much having to do with the nature of communities is spanned; addressed are the well springs of community spirit, the institutional cornerstones upon which communities stand, and the events that herald the rise and reversal of communities. It may be that there are lessons for communities, rural and urban, that wish to establish and maintain an identity. Retain your churches, your schools, your post offices, and all edifices and endeavours that unite a populace.


It is a book that might well entertain historians and genealogists, and should be most ideal for readers long familiar with Puslinch Township. This substantial volume, some 500 pages compactly printed, is available at the Puslinch Township Municipal Office or by mail, by contacting .


Be aware that the price is $55.00, plus shipping and handling, if applicable.