The Aberfoyle Athletics

from the Guelph Mercury newspaper for Wednesday December 9th 1959.







This picture, taken half a century ago, circa 1909, shows the Aberfoyle Athletics soccer team, which at the time took part in the district league competitions.  In those days, the manager was Gib McEachern, a teacher in the Aberfoyle school.  The picture, which is in the possession of George Cusick of Howitt Street in Guelph, shows:


Back row,

left to right:


Fraser Hardy, Alex McPhee, Bill Powell, George McPhee, Jack Cockburn and George Cusick.


Front row,

 left to right:


Arkell Falconbridge, Syd Maltby, Bill Bacon, Albert Cockburn, Gib McEachern.


Reclining in front:



Ernie Cockburn, Charlie Crimless.



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