The Service Militia

The Ballot for the County of Wellington

January 6th 1865.


The ballot for the quota required for this county commenced on Friday last, and was finished on Wednesday.  The names are given to the public with the consent of the Adjutant General.  A very general misunderstanding, we find, prevails regarding the draft, many being of the opinion that those who are drawn will be called out at once.  There is nothing in the order from headquarters to warrant this belief.  The present draft takes place under a provision in the amended militia law of 1863, which requires that a certain number from the first-class service men shall form reserve battalions, that is a reserve to the volunteer force, and having the names enrolled, and in the possession of the Adjutant General.  For this purpose, the law ordered that a draft should be made some time in the year 1864, and that those so drafted should be notified of the fact, their names meanwhile being on record, but no further proceedings take place unless by command of the Governor General who has the power to call out this force in time of war, or order a certain number of day’s drill in time of peace.  Those therefore who see their names among the drafted have only to let them stay there, and pursue their business as usual, and at the end of three years, when another draft takes place, they can claim exemption from any enrolment until the whole of the reserve force have served a like bloodless term, while they will be entitled to all the honours that will follow a three years’ connection with the militia force of Canada.  


Puslinch-1st Battalion-76 men


Bethel Cormick, Wm. McCormick, C. Passmore, Joseph Little, Felix Hagarty, Angus Martin, Alex McCallum, Robt. Taylor, Ronald McDonald, Donald McMullen, John McKenzie, Alex McAllister, John McCallum, Neil Campbell, Neil McPhatter, P. Petrie, Alex Kerr, John Hume, Joseph Askins, Duncan Kennedy, John McLean, C. Eby, Alex Graham, Wm. McDonald, Wm. McAllister, Lewis Stein, Peter McGregor, Sam McQuillan, Chas. McPhatter, Jno. Clarke, Luke Mooney, Thos. Fordyce, Angus Martin, Wm. McBride, J. McNulty, Matthew Farmer, Duncan McEdward, James Hewitt, Peter Clark, Thomas Tracy, Joseph Lynch, John Black, Michael Martin, Peter McDonald, Jno. Dickson, John McDonald, Jno. McRobbie, L. Battersby, Robt. Richardson, W. J. Baker, Angus McKellar, Ronald McLeod, Hugh Black, Walter Farrel, John McDonald, Geo. Boyne, Pat. Rowe, J. Hume, Allan Weir Jr., Francis Resturnell, Donald Fleming, Michael Callahan, Richard Mason, Alex McPherson, Pat. Guinness, Don McIntosh, Pat. Hanlon, Jas. Doyle, Donald Black, Donald McPhee, Henry McLaren, Jno. Eustace, Jno. McLennan, Robt. Thomson, C. Barrett, Alex Campbell.


Puslinch-2nd Batallion-76 men


Robt. Crowe, Donald McLean, T. Moran, Jno. Murphy, Michael Burns, Thos. Scott, Pat. Phelan, James Hamilton, Peter Mahon, Peter Dow, Alex McLean, Wm. McKenzie, Joseph Colvier, John McDonald, Wm. Giffard, James O’Rourke, Robt. Brown, Patrick Tirnan, C. Henderson, Thos. Lacy, Archibald Hart, J. Homewood, J. Huling, Thos. Moran, Wm. Clear, Jno. Cantwell, N. Burmeister, Joseph McGuiness, Wm. Stephenson, Samuel Jackson, Andrew Tait, John McLennan, Joseph Adams, John Gow, Robt. Elliott, Jesse Couling, Stewart Murray, Henry Quinlan, Wm. Watts, Kenneth McLeod, Archibald Hart, Wm. Murchison, D. Stahl, Alex Gow, Mat Elliott, Duncan McEdward, Jno. Smith, Jno. Smith Jr., Walter Cowan, Jno. Thompson, Angus McPherson, Peter McKenzie, John McMaster, Joseph Evans, Donald McDermid, John McGuinness, Richard Murlahan, Donald McCaig, Peter McLean, Robt. Shea, George Scott, Peter McLaren, James McNaughton, Bernard McCartney, Thomas Ormiston, Morgan Gribbon, David McFarlane, David Congo, Hugh McDonald, Angus McDonald, James Stephenson, Michael Collins, Peter Grant, Henry Wagil, W. Gordon, Eugene Rame, James Welsh.



from the Guelph Mercury newspaper