Football at Schaw


(from the Guelph Mercury newspaper for May 31st 1893.)


It matters not what is done, some men are always prepared to kick, but that is what keeps football to the fore.  On the evening of the 27th, a friendly game of football was played by the teams of Crieff and Schaw, the Crieff boys being the victorious team.


All day the clouds had hung in darkening folds.  As the sun began to descend the western sky the indications of a coming storm increased.  The home team sought for omens by which they might know their victory or defeat, and the latter they could plainly read in the scowling heavens.  The weather was all but favourable for an outdoor sport.


An arrangement was made to play for an hour, and the game commenced at 7:10, Crieff scoring the first goal in twenty minutes, and the second before half time was called.


Immediately after changing, another goal was won, but this time, by Schaw.  During the remainder of the second half hour, no more goals were made, and it was then arranged that the game would continue for half an hour longer.  This was done, and the first fifteen minutes added another to those already won by Crieff.  The last change passed and nothing was scored on either side, and the game ended in a victory for Crieff, with a result of three goals to one.


The players in Crieff team were D. McAllister, A. McDonald, M. McIntosh, W. Scott, J. Hollinger, J. M. McDonald, A. Sims, L. McDonald, J. McLean, C. Becker, and A. McRobbie.


This club has been but lately organized.  The ball was purchased last year, but by reason of lack of interest, little progress was made.  This spring, the game has been carried on with more enthusiasm, and we believe that more progress has been made already than was accomplished during the entire season last year.  As this is their first match, they are to be congratulated on their success, as the Schaw boys are no mean antagonists.


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