Monster Picnic at Puslinch Lake

July 1st 1890.


One of the largest picnics ever held in Puslinch was held on July 1st in Mr. Cyrus Holm’s grove near the Lake under the auspices of the Star Football Club of the 3rd concession, Puslinch.  The leading features were a junior football match between the Stars and the Puslinch Lake team and a senior match between the senior teams of the same clubs.  Both teams in the junior match played well and the match ended in a score of 1 to 0, for the Stars. 


The players of the senior Stars were placed as follows:  Goal, Jno. Cooper, backs, Jas. McCaig and H. Smith, half backs, R. Stewart and J. Clifford, forwards, R. McCrae, H. McCaig, M. Gilchrist, E. Gilchrist, M. McCaig, and Jno. Fraser.  Those of the Puslinch Lake team were: Goal, J. Devine, backs, T. Robertson and A. Robertson, half backs, J. Robertson and F. Schaumberg, forwards, A. Little, W. Gilholm, J. Gilchrist, W. Little, J. Fyfe, and W. Gilchrist.


There was a fair amount of science shown in the playing of both teams.  Worthy of special notice was the play of Evan Gilchrist on the Star line of forwards and of John Gilchrist on the Lake line of forwards.  During the first half, the Lakes succeeded in scoring 1 goal to 0, but after the half time they scored three, ending the match in a full score of 4 to 0.  The Stars are only a young team, and judging from the playing done by them, and considering the short time that they have practised, they have a brilliant future before them.  The game was refereed by Jas. Bryce, a sport of Clyde, and justice was fairly dealt out to both sides.  The match was closed about 6:00 p.m., after which the picnickers had supper.


Then came the programme consisting of races etcetera.  The games and winners were as follows: 


100 yard race

1st — Evan Gilchrist

2nd — A. Little

Boy’s 100 yard race

1st — M. McCaig

2nd — H. Stewart

Ladies’ 100 yard race

1st — Miss Kitchen

2nd — Miss Bond

3rd — Miss Stewart

Whittling race

1st — Jno. Fraser

2nd — J. Devine

Wheel barrow race

1st — J. Cooper and E. Gilchrist

Kangaroo race

1st — E. Gilchrist

2nd — J. Cooper

Long kick at football

1st — Tim Bailey

2nd — T. Robertson


After the programme was carried out, the crowd went to the old Temperance Hall where the evening was spent in dancing and where everyone enjoyed a good evening’s fun, notwithstanding the great heat.  Long live the Star Football Club!



from the Guelph Mercury newspaper