Silver Ore Found on Aberfoyle Farm

Thursday April 14th 1910.

Report of Mineral Strike is Heard

Specimen Sent to Assayer is Pronounced Very Valuable


Silver ore discovered right here in Wellington County, within a few miles of Guelph? Such is the well-authenticated story heard in the city today. It may sound like a page from a Bret Harte novel but the fact remains that ore containing virgin silver has been found on a farm near here. As the natural assumption is that where there is some ore there will be more ore, the general public will wait, with more than a passing interest to see what develops. Here, right at our doors, may be a means of booming our city more effective far than civic advertising and more clarion-like in its call for the attention of the country than a dozen slogans. But time will tell.


In the meantime, the facts are as follows: While digging the holes for the Hydro-Electric transmission towers some time ago, workmen in the neighbourhood of Aberfoyle drew up some ore. This appeared to them to be of good quality, so a sample was forwarded to assayers for analysis. Word has been received by the owner of the farm on whose property this occurred that the ore was that of true silver and that it was of the very highest quality. A firm from Hamilton has offered a large sum if the privilege was granted to them to examine the place with the understanding that none of it be taken away. This was not granted, however, as the crops are all in, and valuable as it may or may not be, the silver must stay there until the crops are harvested.



No Silver near Here

Monday April 18th 1910.


Officials of the Department of Lands, Forests, and Mines of the province do not regard seriously the report from Guelph that silver ore was found by workmen while excavating foundations for towers for the Hydro-Electric transmission line. The formation around Guelph is limestone, and that silver exists is very unlikely. Near Niagara Falls, nodules of galena have been found in limestone. These nodules sometimes contain a small percentage of silver. No one from the district where the find is reported has communicated with the department.



from the Guelph Mercury newspaper