The Knox Presbyterian Church of Crieff 1873





The diagram, shown immediately below, composed by Mr. John W. Gilchrist, is a representation of the seating arrangement for the Crieff Church, circa 1873, during the time when Reverend Andrew McLean was minister.


Neil, Helen, & Adam

Easton Gore


Mrs. B. Simm






Boys grown too big for pews


Penny Campbell

James McPherson (cobbler)

McIntyre (Gore)

Donald McGeachy


Mat Elliot

Jean and Ag. Grey

Fran McDonald

John Scott



Sandy McIntosh

J. Tennant


Lachlan McMillan



Jimmy, John,

Johnny, John,

Murdock McIntosh,


Chisholm Colin

Duncan McPherson

Betty McCormick

J. E. McPherson



H. Becker

Walter Cowan

John McGeachy

Black Jim McPherson

M. McPhatter

Cam Stewart,

et cetera.


Roderick Munroe

Ken Cameron

Mrs. D. Cameron

Sandy McPherson

McRobbie family



Murdoch Munroe

Peter Gilchrist

Chris Moffat

John McPherson




wood for stove


Little McDonalds - Gore

Dan And John Miller

Mrs. McMillan

1st concession

Maggie Munroe




◄ east door








west door ►




Gilfillan family

John Stewart family

Sandy Thompson sisters

Murchison family



Mrs. McLean and her 2 boys

Hugh Stewart family

Donald Stewart family

Black Sandy Wilkinson

2nd concession

3rd concession Gilchrists

Peter Wilkinson family

3rd concession



Wm. McCormick




Sunday School Library

Reverend McLean





The south west corner contained the seats where the prodigal, who were shy about facing the long walk from the east door with the whole world looking, sat. It was made up of all lads.





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