In Halliganís Pond

April 16th 1905.


A serious accident, which might have proved a fatal one, occurred at what is known as Halliganís Pond, on the 9th Concession, Puslinch, on Sunday last.As Mr. John McPhee Senior and a friend, Mr. Patterson, of Hamilton, were driving along the road, the horse became suddenly frightened and sprang into the water.Mr. Patterson jumped on the road, but Mr. McPhee held on to the lines until he found that he was unable to control the animal, and then jumped into the water when about twenty-five or thirty feet from the shore, where the water is about six or seven feet in depth.Although Mr. McPhee is a good swimmer, he was unable to reach the shore, being cumbered with overcoat and clothes, and, but for the presence of Mr. Patterson, who shoved out some rails and rescued him, would probably have been drowned.Beyond a slight cold from the drenching in the cold water, Mr. McPhee feels none the worse for the experience.The horse, which was a valuable young driver, however, did not fare so well.Swimming some distance farther, it appears to have reared, fallen backward in the shafts of the cart, and drowned in seven or eight feet of water.After some hours the body of the animal floated to the surface, and on Monday morning, by means of a raft and ropes, and with the assistance of neighbours, it was pulled ashore.The cart and a set of new single harness were little the worse.The loss is a heavy one to Mr. McPhee, the animal being worth about $150.00.





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