Badenoch Intermediate “C” Champions




Members of the Badenoch softball club, victors in the Ontario Rural Association’s Intermediate “C” division pose here with the trophy, presented to them by John Eccles, president of the ORSA.  Seen here are, from left to right, FRONT ROW: Bruce McLean, team captain John Gilmour, coach Bob McLean and Ivan Elliot.  BACK ROW:   Ivan Hanning, Alan McLean, Garry Tatum, Tom Hayden and Bob MacKay.  (Daily Mercury Photo)



ORSA Softballers Present Trophies


          John Eccles, president of the Ontario Rural Softball Association spoke highly of the increasing number of Bantam Clubs, now a part of the group, and said, “It speaks well for the future in filling the ranks of the ORSA.”


          Speaking at the annual dinner of the association, Mr. Eccles was addressing softball officials representing many of the rural clubs affiliated with the ORSA.  Although it wasn’t a record year as far as the number of clubs entered, it was a banner year for the association in that 17 clubs played in the group’s lowest classification, the Bantam division.


          This year, Mr. Eccles pointed out also marks a first for the number of playoff games.  In all, 259 tilts were played in the ORSA’s nine series.


          The president, who is also public relations director at the OAC, invited the members present to view the facilities at the college and particularly the ultra-modern physical education building.  He called the new center a logical place to hold the group’s annual dinner meeting and referred to it as a “community center for rural areas”.





          The highlight of the evening was the presentation of trophies to the division winners, and topping of the list with four awards was Wainfleet. They claimed the silverware in the Intermediate “B” division, Juvenile “B”, Midge “B” and the rural ladies’ loop.


          Other winners were the Badenoch club which captured the Intermediate “C” title, Otterville, Intermediate “A”, Fisherville, Juvenile “A”, Lynden, Midget “B” and Rainham Centre, Bantam.


          Members of the ORSA executive include, John Eccles, president, Lloyd Book of Wellandport, first vice-president, T. J. Duvall of Hespeler, second vice-president, Earl Sage of Galt, treasurer, James Hartnett of Mount Elgin, secretary, and executive members, Syd Royle, L. Lindsay, R. Braithwaite, Al Masson and Reg. Hooten.