Many Plaudits After Capturing 1955 ORSA Championship



Brock Road Ball Club Fans Honour ORSA Champions at Banquet, Dance



Championship Won In 10 Straight Games


The first softball team in the Ontario Rural Softball Association to win the championship in 10 games in a row, the Brock Road Ball Club, was honored at a ban­quet at Brock Road School on Sat­urday evening.  The team won the intermediate championship of the ORSA.


During the evening the team was presented with the ORSA Interme­diate trophy by Elmer Halls, sec­retary treasurer of the association; the Puslinch  township trophy by Jack Tolton, president of the township softball league; and the Puslinch township council and league executive trophy by Reeve P. C. McLean.




          As secretary-treasurer of the Ontario association,  Mr. Halls brought the congratulations of that group.  The team had excellent competition in the Puslinch league and this ensured that they would do well when they went into the playoffs.


The past season has been very successful, he told the large gath­ering of fans that attended the ban­quet.  He urged the team and fans to take an interest in bringing al­ong younger teams so the interme­diate team would have experienced players to call up as others retire.


In presenting the trophy, he said that this was the first time that he had ever heard of a team in the association winning the championship in 10 straight games.




League and township officials al­so offered their congratulations to the team for their excellent showing during the season.  Members of the team, introduced by chairman Frank Lynch, included coach John Stickney, captain Charles Lowes, John Smith, bat boy Gordon Rayner, official scorer Jean Lowes, Tom Hayden, 2nd row, Dick Krouse, John Lowes, Frank Martin, Gordon Smith, Bob Graham, Clyde Camp­bell, Alex Zess, Garry Tawse and Ron Bannister.  Absent from the banquet was Bill Inniss.


Catering for the sumptuous turkey supper were the women of the Brock Road Women’s Institute.  Following the dinner and presentation of trophies, a dance and euchre was held.








Trophy Presentation


 Brock Road coach John Stickney and Puslinch Reeve, P. C. McLean.



(This article was provided courtesy of the Guelph Mercury newspaper.)