Wellington County Museum Presents Puslinch history!



Wellington County celebrated its 150th birthday in 2004, and to mark this milestone, the county’s very own museum, “The Wellington County Museum and Archives”, made some wonderful Puslinch history available through its website.  The museum did marvellous work in digitizing “The Tweedsmuir Histories” of the Wellington County Women’s Institutes.


For those readers who are particularly partial to Puslinch Township history, we have provided some direct links to the Puslinch Tweedsmuirs.  Follow these links, valid as of April 16th 2009.


Arkell Tweedsmuir

Book 1,  www.wcm.on.ca/tweedsmuir/pdf/PuslinchTownship/ArkellWI/1/001.pdf

Book 2 www.wcm.on.ca/tweedsmuir/pdf/PuslinchTownship/ArkellWI/2/001.pdf

Book 3 www.wcm.on.ca/tweedsmuir/pdf/PuslinchTownship/ArkellWI/3/001.pdf


Badenoch Tweedsmuir

Book 1 www.wcm.on.ca/tweedsmuir/pdf/PuslinchTownship/BadenochWI/1/001.pdf

Book 2 www.wcm.on.ca/tweedsmuir/pdf/PuslinchTownship/BadenochWI/2/001.pdf


Puslinch Tweedsmuir

Book 1 www.wcm.on.ca/tweedsmuir/pdf/PuslinchTownship/PuslinchWI/1/001.pdf

Book 2 www.wcm.on.ca/tweedsmuir/pdf/PuslinchTownship/PuslinchWI/2/001.pdf


Brock Road Tweedsmuir

Book 1 www.wcm.on.ca/tweedsmuir/pdf/PuslinchTownship/BrockRoadWI/1/001.pdf


Morriston Tweedsmuir

Book 1 www.wcm.on.ca/tweedsmuir/pdf/PuslinchTownship/MorristonWI/1/001.pdf



Also, please be patient.  Not all of the pages are historical gems, but wise is the reader who leaves no page unturned.




Well done, Wellington County Museum!