New School Opening

from the Dumfries Reformer newspaper for November 11th 1868.


On Tuesday evening, the 3rd of November, the new stone schoolhouse erected on the 3rd concession of Puslinch Township, commonly known as McKay’s schoolhouse, was opened by a soirée or social gathering of about 200 people.  K. McKenzie, Esq., was unanimously appointed chairman.  The meeting was then addressed by the Rev. Messrs. McDonald of Puslinch, McKenzie of Preston, and David Stirton, Esq., MP. for South Wellington, who congratulated the section on the very handsome schoolhouse that they had erected, and as Mr. Stirton very appropriately remarked, that although the smallest section, they need not be ashamed of their schoolhouse in comparison with any in Puslinch.


There was also a very good choir in attendance under the able leadership of Mr. Beatty, the present teacher, that enlivened the meeting with some very select pieces of music, which shows very great credit both in teacher and pupils for the very able manner in which they added to the attractions of the evening.  Much credit is due to the ladies for the able manner in which they carried out their share of the entertainment.


After the customary toasts had been given, the meeting broke up at a very reasonable hour.  The proceeds amounted to $31.50, which according to the conclusion come to, is either to be diverted to digging a well on the grounds or adding to the very good library that they have at present.