Donald McCaig



Donald McCaig was a well-known contributor to the magazines and local press, and in 1885, wrote the prize poem, “Moods of Burns” for the Toronto Caledonian Society.  In the Canadian Magazine his fine, original volume, “Milestone Moods and Memories” was the subject of a favourable review from the pen of Mr. David Boyle.  His poems bear the certain stamp of immortality and the lines so expressive of the transitory condition of human life are here subjoined:



“Standing by the broken wall

Where the evening shadows fall,

And the drowsy night birds call,

Far, far away.

Withered flower, with broken stem,

Summer morning’s dewey gem,

Old and feeling, I, like them,

Have had my day!

Leafless grove and silent bower

Beauty’s charm and music’s power,

Come to bless one fleeting hour,

Then dark decay!”



The Guelph Mercury newspaper

Wednesday July 20th 1927.