Great Celebration Held at Aberfoyle

Wednesday June 4th 1913.


Games in Afternoon and Concert at Night Filled Out Splendid Time


The Aberfoyle Amusement Club held a grand outdoor celebration on Tuesday afternoon at the Aberfoyle Exhibition grounds, and in the evening, in the town hall.The attendance on both occasions was splendid, in the evening many being unable to gain admission to the hall.


The sports commenced in the afternoon with a baseball tournament, with St. Johnís and Freelton as contestants in the first round, the St. Johnís team winning.The next game was between St. Johnís and Aberfoyle, which the former won by a score of 16 to 11.Ten young ladies then went out on a basketball game, which was pronounced one of the best events of the day.The teams were Miss Irene Mason (captain), Misses Ella Dickson, Parker, P. Smith, Harmer; Miss Effie Ord (captain), Misses Della Mason, Pearl Maltby, Mary Maltby, and Jennie Amon.The young ladies of the Aberfoyle team are going to Eden Mills on the first of July to take part in a game there on that day.Races of all sorts and kinds helped to fill in the afternoon programme, the novelty race being one of the best drawing cards, in which Mr. Cockburn and Miss Effie Ord were first, and Mr. Hewer and Miss Annie Harmer, second.


The supper table was the next centre of attraction and over 500 sat down to partake of the good things there.The booths on the grounds were gaily decorated and did a good business.


In the evening, the concert in the town hall proved to be a splendid success, and the following assisted: Mr. Albert Kaiser at the piano, Mr. Henry, Mr. Robert McCrae, Mr. Stickney, Mr. R. OíConnor, and Mr. G. Harris, who played about eight instruments.Little Babe Marion also did a clever turn at clog dancing.Much of the credit for the success of the day is due to Miss Gertrude Worthington, who had charge of the arranging of the programme.



from the Guelph Mercury newspaper