Franz Kraft ─ Robert Jacob Land Transfer Agreement



The following transcript of the land transfer agreement, between Franz Kraft (Francis Croft) and Robert Jacob, for the transfer of Lot 30, Rear of Concession 7, of Puslinch Township, in 1840, is part of the "Puslinch Township Papers" which are available through the Puslinch Historical Society.




Transfer of Lot 30 Rear 7 - May 9, 1840.


††††††††† Know all men by these presents, that I, Francis Croft, of the Township of Puslinch, Gore District, Upper Canada, Farmer, am held firmly bound to Robert Jacob of the same place, Farmer, in the sum of Two Hundred Pounds of Lawful money of Upper Canada to be paid to the said Robert Jacob, his Heirs,Executors, Administrators, and assigns, for which payment well and truly to be paid I do hereby bind myself my Heirs, Executors, Administrators and assigns firmly by these presents.


†††† Whereas the above bounden Francis Croft hath sold to the said Robert Jacobs his Heirs, etc. forever the Rear half of Lot No. 30 in the 7th Concession in the Township of Puslinch aforesaid containing one hundred acres of Land more or less and doth give up and relinquish all his rights and Title and Interest therein to the said Robert Jacob.


†††† Now the condition of this obligation is such that if the said Francis Croft, his Heirs, etc. shall execute and deliver or cause to be delivered a good and valid conveyance in the Law in fee simple of the before mentioned Lot of Land and premises whenever the said Robert Jacob requires it and is prepared to the aforesaid Robert Jacob to pay the sum required to be paid by the Agent for the Agent for the Clergy reserves for the aforesaid Township for the said Lot of Land, he the said Robert Jacob well and truly paying or causing to be paid to the said Francis Croft the sum of 75 Pounds to be paid in three installments the first paid down in specie the sum of 25 Pounds upon the execution of these Presents a receipt for which is hereunto annexed the second to be paid in specie on the 29 day of October 1840 25 Pounds and the third to be paid in Lawful current money of the province of Upper Canada on the 29th day of October 1841 25 Pounds, for the two last installments the said Robert Jacob doth give to the said Francis Croft two Notes Of Hand payable to him or the Bearer which said notes shall be delivered to the said Robert Jacob his Heirs, etc., on his making a lawful Tender of the said money and the said sum to be Indorsed on this said Bond as the Installments are paid, And also the said Robert Jacob shall pay or cause to be paid to the Agency for the Sale of Clergy Reserves in the said Province all demands that may come against the said Lot of Land by the aforesaid Agent, And that the said Francis Croft shall and do in the meantime until default shall happen to be made in the Installment remaining as aforesaid permit the said Robert Jacob His Heirs, etc. from the date here of peaceably and quietly to have hold and occupy possess and enjoy cultivate and improve the said Lot of Land with the Improvement thereon free from all Incumbrances without any hindrance interruption or denial of him the said Francis Croft his Heirs, etc., then this obligation shall be void or otherwise the same shall remain in full force and Virtue, Signed and Sealed this ninth day of May 1840.††


Franz Kraft (written in German script)



In the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names and witnesses

John Hammersley

Thomas Kirton

Samuel Guggisberg (who marriedFranzís daughter)



25 Pounds -0 -0

Received of Robert Jacob, the before named, the sum of 25 Pounds in specie it being the first Installment mentioned in the aforesaid Bond to be paid by him to me.†††

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††(Signed) Franz Kraft



12-17-6 Puslinch, November 7th, 1840.

Received of Robert Jacob the sum of 12 pounds 17 shillings and 6 pence in specie

†††Franz Kraft

Witness John Hammersley



†† April 9th, 1846, received in full of all demands on the Written agreement and the Notes delivered.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Franz Kraft

Witness John Hammersley





†† †††††