Morriston Jottings

August 29th 1893.


German Evangelical Church notes----The Sunday School picnic in connection with this church was held in the Callfas grove, on our lake, Saturday afternoon.  A more satisfactory day could not have been had; the weather was warm but an over-clouded sky, along with the deep shade cast by the magnificent trees of the grove, made it delightfully cool.  There was a goodly attendance, ample amusement in the shape of rowing, croquet, football, and numerous very high swings, overlooking the steep embankment; among the latter, a very curious one, invented by Messrs. Huether and Elfner, which caused much amusement among the grown-up, and afforded great enjoyment to the wee-tot, being built on four high wooden supports, with two heavy iron crossbars, from which suspended four pieces of wood, on which was suspended the body of the now famous carriage of the late Colonel Leslie.  There were, at times, 16 or 18 small ones in it.


Of refreshments, there was an abundance.  An ice cream counter was also fitted up, which was waited upon by four very estimable young ladies who were chaperoned by another young lady of very high degree, who took goodly care of the cash receipts, which amounted to the sum of $12.00 in the good Canadian currency.


An error was made last week on stating that quarterly meetings would be held the first week in September.  The Pastor C. S. Finkbeiner leaves this week for Campden, Ontario, to take part in quarterly meetings there; thus the mistake.  There will be no service in the church on Sunday morning, but an evening service, in English, will be conducted by Reverend Rife, of Hespeler.



from the Guelph Mercury newspaper