Guelph Herald newspaper

November 2, 1847.

Agricultural Exhibition

 in the Township of Puslinch



List of premiums


For the best Mares


Working Horses


Two year old colts


Yearling colts


Yearling Fillies


Colt foal


Filly foal


Aged bull


Two year old bull


Yearling bull





Two year old heifers


Yearling heifers


Bull calf


Heifer calf


Working oxen


Yoke of steers






Shearling ewes


Ram lambs


Female lambs






Fall wheat












Clover seed


Timothy seed


Flax seed


Swedish turnip seed


White or other turnip seed


Pink-eyed potatoes


Other potatoes


Swedish turnips


White turnips












Fulled cloth


White flannel


Woolen socks


Maple sugar

1st P. Bull, 2nd Alexr. Smith, 3rd P. Grant


1st P. Grant, 2nd J. Clark


1st Thomas Arkell, 2nd R. Ellis


1st Edmund Heath, 2nd J. Kirkland


1st Hugh Cockburn, 2nd J. Kirkland


A. Smith


P. Bull


J. Iles


D. Stirton


D. Iles


1st T. Carter, 2nd R. Ellis, 3rd K. McKenzie

4th J. Kirkland


1st P. Bull, 2nd T. Weatherald


1st P. Bull, 2nd James Smith


James McMeekin


John Black


1st W. Barber, 2nd Thomas Arkell, 3rd L. Kennedy


No competitors


1st Wm. Jones, 2nd R. Ellis


1st S. Lidd, 2nd J. Petty


1st J.  Petty, 2nd C. Willoughby


1st E. Heath, 2nd A. Smith


1st J. Petty, 2nd C. Willoughby


1st Adam Hume, 2nd P. Bell


1st  J. Oulton, 2nd C. Johnston


1st Alex Nicol, 2nd J. Linderman, 3rd J. Oulton


1st S. Kidd, 2nd W. Thompson, 3rd


1st J. Hewer, 2nd J. Haines


1st A. Heath, 2nd J. Linderman


1st J. Matkin, 2nd James Gregor


1st Alex Nicol, 2nd J. Stirton


no competitor


C. Johnson


J. Oulton


J. Caulfield


No competitor


J. Iles


J. Caulfield


1st Thomas Arkell, 2nd E. Heath


1st T. Arkell, 2nd P. Hughes


P. Bell


1st R. Ellis, 2nd  G. Shantz


J. Linderman


1st J. Hammersley, 2nd W. Thompson


1st Thomas Arkell, 2nd J. Oulton


1st Lodvick McRobbie, 2nd J. Stirton


no competitor


James Stirton


1st A. Nicol, 2nd J. McLean